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    The portal critical assessments in the area of ​​Angola restoration, Luanda Nightlife (LNL), announced on Wednesday (24 February), the city’s 2015 best restaurants of Kianda in various categories.
    The LNL aims of an independent report form, influence and update your audience on restaurants, bars and the capital’s hotels.

    Africans (263)According to the press release, in addition to being a digital platform, the LNL is also an innovative element in the catering and hospitality industry in Luanda and the rest of the country.
    Each year, the site selects the city’s best restaurants based on public voting, in order to distinguish it from the perspective of LNL and its popular were the best of Luanda in various categories.
    The class Best Restaurant of the Year is chosen by professionals from the field of hotel and restaurant, which have together vast years of experience and experiences in the world of gastronomy, as well as Angolan Heads of today, wine makers,
    and other professionals, chosen by the Luanda nightlife.

    The jury’s body submitted a list of five restaurants which in his opinion could be considered the best of the year, spaces where the jury members had had their best dining experiences. And these various lists, emerged top three restaurants: The Kitanda Corner, the Pimm’s and Kook.
    The jury went to three restaurants to make a final assessment taking into account the overall experience, from the dishes served service and a sense of well-being, and this evaluation came out a winner.
    The Luanda Nightlife is the only entity in the country dedicated to the restoration classification
    As a result, premiums this year were attributed to the following restaurants:
    Better Year- KOOK Restaurant
    Best sushi Year- Four Pier
    Best Barbecue (Grill) – Lookal Barbecue
    Best Year- La Vigia Backyard
    Best Bar / Lounge Year- Doo.Bahr
    Best Pizzeria Capricciosa the Year-
    Best Burger of the Year- H3
    Best New Restaurant of the Year- Champagneria by Chill Out
    Best Restaurant Experience week- Kitanda Corner

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    Angola joined the African initiative elephant protection, which aims to enhance the methods, strategies and tactics to combat poaching and the networks trafficking in illegal ivory trade.
    The initiative promoted by the States and Governments of Botswana, Chad, Ethiopia, Gabon and Tanzania, defines a set of objectives and priority actions to be implemented by the countries in which live elephants, have a key role in reversing the current frame, according to a note press the Ministry of Environment, sent today to the Lusa agency.
    The Angolan authorities consider joining the initiative “a clear demonstration of the seriousness with which faces the question and a great reinforcement opportunity to all the effort we have undertaken to address this situation.”
    According to the document, Angola efforts include mobilizing support in relation to inspection work inside and outside of conservation areas, the training of national cadres, the drafting of specific legislation, among other actions.
    More than half the land area of ​​Angola is habitat of elephants in and outside of protected areas, implying its management information and sharing experiences with other African states.


    A food festival in order to promote entrepreneurship in women’s breast was held Sunday in Luanda, by the Organization of Angolan Women (OMA).

    At the opening, the national executive secretary of OMA, Luísa Damião, said the festival is a clear demonstration that the national cuisine is a means of identification of a people, because through it becomes possible to know the history, identity, habits and customs of this people.
    He noted that it is also time for reflection on the need to cement increasingly unity, friendship and brotherhood and the spirit of solidarity and the feeling of love of neighbor.
    The family must continue to share ideas, concerns and aspirations aware that culture strengthens the nation, said the official.
    It stressed that the holding of this festival in a very difficult year for the Angolan economy, the WCO should continue to play an important role with the militant mass and of women in general in promoting enlightenment campaigns on the economic and financial situation of the country, due to low oil prices in the international market.
    We must continue to work on women’s awareness so that they develop innovative projects that contribute to the diversification of the national economy and promote entrepreneurship within the company, said Luísa Damião.
    On the other hand, explained that tourism in Angola is also a source of diversification of our economy.
    The executive secretary of OMA took the opportunity to appeal the mobilization of all women around the tasks prior to the 6th Congress of the WCO to can achieve the expected success.
    The festival brought together women from various social was held under the 6th Congress of OMA taking place from 2 to 5 next March and had the participation of 18 provinces.


    Three large cliffs dazzled by the beauty and grandeur. They are the most coveted places by tourists, both domestic and foreign. They are, above all, three brands, the most important of the beauties of Angola. Therefore, in the list of 27 candidates to the natural wonders of Angola. Each (or all) may be part of the Seven Wonders. The decision will be made in April.

    The Barra do Dande, in Bengo, it is recognized for providing leisure and for its well-preserved and undeniably beautiful beaches. It is one of the natural highlights of Bengo, for its stunning cliffs.

    Godfather Bengo: Bangão, musician

    voting code by SMS: Send 2 to the number 44567

    The Slit Tundavala is the natural window of Huila facing plateau to the Namib Desert. Located a little more than two thousand meters above sea level, it is surrounded by towering cliffs of the mountains of Chela.

    For its attractive beauty and characteristics, it was classified as natural and cultural landscape in 2012 by the Government. Native communities consider it also as the place where the spirits of their ancestors took refuge, closing in invisible drawers.

    Godfather of Huila: Benedito Kayela, Journalist

    voting code by SMS: Send 8 to the number 44567

    The Moon Viewpoint is a tourist point of mandatory stop and is part of the imaginary of Angolans. She became even more famous for being the setting of the film ‘The Moon Viewpoint’, the Portuguese director Jorge António, shot in 1993 and got the special award of achievement at the Gramado Festival in Brazil. The viewpoint is the result of erosion of mountains caused by wind and rain, which succeeded the lunar landscape type that there is.

    Godfather of Luanda: Eduardo Paim, singer

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