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A food festival in order to promote entrepreneurship in women’s breast was held Sunday in Luanda, by the Organization of Angolan Women (OMA).

At the opening, the national executive secretary of OMA, Luísa Damião, said the festival is a clear demonstration that the national cuisine is a means of identification of a people, because through it becomes possible to know the history, identity, habits and customs of this people.
He noted that it is also time for reflection on the need to cement increasingly unity, friendship and brotherhood and the spirit of solidarity and the feeling of love of neighbor.
The family must continue to share ideas, concerns and aspirations aware that culture strengthens the nation, said the official.
It stressed that the holding of this festival in a very difficult year for the Angolan economy, the WCO should continue to play an important role with the militant mass and of women in general in promoting enlightenment campaigns on the economic and financial situation of the country, due to low oil prices in the international market.
We must continue to work on women’s awareness so that they develop innovative projects that contribute to the diversification of the national economy and promote entrepreneurship within the company, said Luísa Damião.
On the other hand, explained that tourism in Angola is also a source of diversification of our economy.
The executive secretary of OMA took the opportunity to appeal the mobilization of all women around the tasks prior to the 6th Congress of the WCO to can achieve the expected success.
The festival brought together women from various social was held under the 6th Congress of OMA taking place from 2 to 5 next March and had the participation of 18 provinces.