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Angola joined the African initiative elephant protection, which aims to enhance the methods, strategies and tactics to combat poaching and the networks trafficking in illegal ivory trade.
The initiative promoted by the States and Governments of Botswana, Chad, Ethiopia, Gabon and Tanzania, defines a set of objectives and priority actions to be implemented by the countries in which live elephants, have a key role in reversing the current frame, according to a note press the Ministry of Environment, sent today to the Lusa agency.
The Angolan authorities consider joining the initiative “a clear demonstration of the seriousness with which faces the question and a great reinforcement opportunity to all the effort we have undertaken to address this situation.”
According to the document, Angola efforts include mobilizing support in relation to inspection work inside and outside of conservation areas, the training of national cadres, the drafting of specific legislation, among other actions.
More than half the land area of ​​Angola is habitat of elephants in and outside of protected areas, implying its management information and sharing experiences with other African states.