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‘I will tell you of a land, now without war’, sings Matias Damásio. The culture of Angola merges with the history of the country. Music is one of the largest domestic and Semba Kizomba to the innovation that the sounds of kuduro brought to the Angolan night, make this area one of the symbols of Angola.

While the drums were elaborate for music and mixed with new sounds that warm evening in Luanda, Huambo and Cabinda, in the lyrics of Pepetela, they are also described. Fruit also of miscegenation of different ethnic, the Angolan culture walks these days hand in hand with tradition and globalization.

If you pass by the country’s museums will find craft built with the domestic wood now in the form of figurines, masks and musical instruments. Fairs will want to take pictures and recall the oil and sand paintings. In Luanda to lose by one of the art galleries will fix the eye in photographs of Paulino Damião or in parts of the artist Lino Damião.

Dance is certain presence in the streets of Angola. It is more than cultural. It’s in the blood. It’s in the blood the parties late and the good disposition. It is early on that the Angolans ‘pack’ the sounds of the earth. In Carvanal, the party invades the Avenue in Luanda or Benguela and all provinces there is a wave of color in the form of floats.

joyful and beautiful people people. Angola is known to be a country with very beautiful women, so much so that in 2011, Leila Lopes took home the title of Miss Universe for the first time.

From the interior to the coast, there are those who speak in Kimbundu, Kikongo and Umbundu, although the official language is Portuguese, although there are more than 42 dialects.
2.417.78 square kilometers
dry tropical
Bengo, Kwanza
Telephone code:
national language:

Points of interest:

Bay Mussulo

Viewpoint of the Moon

Luanda Island

Mouth of the Kwanza River

Natural History Museum

National Slavery Museum

Beaches: Hole Palmeirinhas, Cacuaco and Santiago

See Luanda

National Library of Angola

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