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The President of the Republic, José Eduardo Dos Santos received the elected head of state of the central African Republic (RCA), Who thanked the support of Angola:

President-elect of the RCA thanks support of Angola
The President José Eduardo Dos Santos received yesterday, in the palace of the city high, the elected head of state of the central African Republic (RCA), Faustin Archange Touadéra.
The next president of the RCA, which carries out a visit to the sub-region of Central Africa, have you ever been in Equatorial Guinea, Chad and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he had several meetings that should help to define a strategy for the process of reconciliation in your Country.
Faustin Archange Touadéra, before leaving luanda, visited the city of kilamba, the biggest real estate project developed in Angola after the end of the war, in April 2002, in the context of the national programme of housing.
The experience of the city of kilamba can be fruitful for the RCA which recorded a long period of instability, with successive coups and where it’s going to be I need develop programs in various sectors, including the construction, which they compete for the well-being Of the population. Faustin Archange Touadéra, who was prime minister in the presidency of françois bozizé, is about to take on the leadership of state of a country where the sectarian violence caused thousands of deaths and has forced more than a million people to leave their homes and areas Of origin.
The message of congratulations sent by President José Eduardo Dos Santos to fautin archange touadéra for election to the state leadership meant that the victory translated ” unequivocally, the confidence that the people ” of the RCA placed upon him to ” the completion of the process of consolidating Peace, stability and democracy in that country. The Angolan President expressed in the message of the desire to strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation between Angola and the central African Republic.
At A Press Conference, already at the International Airport 4 February, Faustin Archange Touadéra expressed his gratitude for the support that Angola has provided to the process of political transition in RCA, primordial so that the conditions were for the electoral act, which marked the Beginning of a new era for the people in Central Africa. The President-elect of the RCA considered the central African elections as an important milestone in the history of the country and that the angolan leader, for everything you’ve done, it’s part of that achievement.
“we came to Angola taking into account the experience enlightened of President José Eduardo Dos Santos and we wanted to get him a pair of everything that we have just done”, Said.
Touadéra highlighted the fact that angola have stepped out of a “atrocious war” in 2002, under the leadership of President José Eduardo Dos Santos, and today be in the way of progress. ” we came to learn from him. Even though we have not yet taken possession, it is vital to take their experience and put it into practice, so that my country can resume first the path of peace and stability, before embarking for development “, Stressed.
Faustin Archange Touadéra said during the meeting with the President José Eduardo Dos Santos have been addressed several aspects of “cooperation from several angles”, What can result in added value in the relationship between the two countries. “we know that in Angola there are many companies capable and with very good knowledge, which can help companies of the RCA to develop”, Exemplified Touadéra, you did not hide the good impression was to visit the city of kilamba.
Touadéra praised the response capacity of angolans in relation to the problem of housing deficit and said: ” we’ll take that as an example. Maybe in the future we can create partnerships to attack the housing issue in rca “. Faustin Touadéra won the second round of presidential with 63 per cent of the votes, as against 37,29 per cent of the other candidate, Anicet-Georges Dologuele. The Constitutional Court of the central African Republic confirmed on Tuesday the victory of faustin touadéra presidential elections of 14 February.