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Bongongo Michel, Minister of State and Minister for the Budget set yesterday Wednesday, March 9 Okapi in the room of the Venus Hotel in the opening session of the Workshop on the banking premium of retrocession trim services. It was noted at the podium, the presence of the Deputy Ministers of Finance, the Budget and the Chair of the Monitoring Committee of the paying agents and state officials; Jean-Louis Kayembe wa Kayembe.
Jean-Louis Kayembe wa Kayembe, launched in 2011, the process of banking has produced results. He expressed his firm belief that at the end of this workshop with the reforms that will result in the banking will reach maturity. Meanwhile, this process allowed the banking of 898,000 agents and officials representing 76% of the workforce.
Jean-Louis Kayembe wa Kayembe, banking services, beyond the effective component, also helped improve the banking rate, the reduction of the outstanding Notes and especially access to credit. Clearly, the banking says Jean-Louis Kayembe wa Kayembe had undeniable micro and macroeconomic implications. Also as part of the improvement, a Memorandum of Understanding will be signed between the government and the ACB.
By organizing this workshop, the government now wants to open bank accounts the terms of the retrocession premium to trim services. It will issue, say J.L Kayembe wa Kayembe diagnose the current experience and hear the unions while recalling the texts. Eventually, tracks realistic, fair and non-confrontational adopted. This matrix will be submitted to the authorities, sponsors of this workshop concluded Jean-Louis Kayembe wa Kayembe.
Speaking second, the Minister of Finance incapacitated, the Vice Minister of Finance Albert Mpetshi, instead of banking compensation in the context of the revolution of modernization promoted by the head of state.
The banking helped stop some ailments including theft, embezzlement he says. In the present situation of the national economy with the steady decline in revenues from extractive industries, the government has to be innovative, framing revenue so as to make the best use suggested the vice -Minister. One strategy to achieve this is among others, the motivation of officials and agents of trim services to raise the level of mobilization and strengthen cash flow.
To the Deputy minisre, this workshop will discuss the key. That’s why he invited the Secretaries General and serving dishes to work seamlessly. The Deputy Minister acknowledged that several people had made a reservation at the launch of banking, he thinks he will be also the case for the retrocession premium challenging. That is why he asked the participants, considering the results achieved so far, the vastness of the country that they bring appropriate solutions including the features of the premium and thus achieve, at best delay in their implementation of here in April, 2016.
Message from the Minister of State
Michel Bongongo, Venus of the foundation will be one of the last to lead to the completion of the banking process launched in 2011. He expressed his gratitude to the leaders of banking; greet the quality of work of all stakeholders (ACB), Monitoring Committee, unions etc.) before asking to maintain the same commitment that goes through the banking premium of retrocession trim services.
This process launched in 2011 has seen an initial assessment in March 2015. It has introduced new measures that have accelerated the process. Today, banked numbers increased from 669,000 to 683,812 in late December or nearly 76%. Thanks to the following: creation of the single file and migration of the IT system, banking services for pensioners, inactive FARDC, veterans etc. This has led to savings of around 546 million CF form of balance to use for the second quarter 2015, the progressive consolidation and banking specific bonuses etc ..
Finally, he said that the banking concerns all, compensation (bonus and other benefits and cash). Before closing, he asked the participants to exercise options on the scale, the practical arrangements and criteria.

Philippe Mbayi Wete