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Azarias Ruberwa calls for peace in Congo DRC

Azarias Ruberwa

Leadership according to the model Jesus Christ: the holistic salvation of man ”. This is the central theme of the 13th Prayer Luncheon, held this Saturday, November 11, 2017, in Kinshasa, at the Pullman Grand Hotel. In front of several distinguished guests, the main organisers of the institutions of the Republic as well as many visitors from other African countries and the world, Azarias Ruberwa Manywa, former Vice-President of the Republic under the Empire 1 +4 and, currently, Minister of State for Decentralisation, took the opportunity to invite all Congolese political leaders to draw inspiration from the model of Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lords. Moreover, with regard to peace, love of neighbour and charity, he recommended, the model of Jesus Christ is the only one capable of helping this country, R & D. Congo, to take off again differently, taking a new momentum. He particularly implored the grace of Jesus Christ for the peaceful electoral process, the one whose deadlines were recently unveiled by the Electoral Central. This would certainly make it possible to demarcate the political actors democratically, at the end of the next elections. According to him, lasting peace is about the will of everyone, of giving priority to the general interest, preserving the unity of the country and promoting collective well-being.

Back to the centrality of God?

In Congo DRC, it is since more than a decade, indeed, that the leaders meet in the most varied fields of the national life. Members of Parliament, the Government and other institutions, those of civil society, the religious world, businessmen and diplomats usually meet around Jesus Christ to discuss the socio-political situation. and economic, different multiform crises that, decidedly, no longer require only human efforts but, rather, the return to the centrality of God in the daily life of the Congolese people to hope for an ultimate response to the problems that Congo DRC is today confronted.

Under the auspices of the Honorary Vice-President of the Republic and currently Minister of State for Decentralisation, Mr. Azarias Ruberwa, this prayer luncheon was also aimed at putting the entire electoral process, which he no longer wishes, to elsewhere, to see being fought, in the hands of the Lord so that this country, finally, take a considerable momentum towards a true peace and democracy.

Azarias Ruberwa has also asked many questions about the current situation which, after all, makes the Congolese people more peaceful.

Why, he says, in a country that is home to about 90% of Christians and a huge geographic potential, emergence remains a real equation that no one has been able to solve since the dawn of time? He asked himself. Blocking of institutions, multi-sectoral crises, twisting of the electoral process, etc. Is it not time to invoke the Almighty? In any case, he believes that there are more and more socio-political leaders who, today, have become aware of their responsibilities and have decided to take the destiny of Congo DRC in hands, by applying the program of action of Jesus Christ, to manage to preach the love, the goodness, the charity, the sacrifice to the place of the Congolese people, to get it out of the quagmire.

Yet, thanks to the vision and values ​​of good leaders, a comprehensive work between the Government, civil society and businessmen, the country can develop in record time, have supported, more than one At this 13th prayer lunch, most of the participants came from other countries of the world.

Live every day like Sunday …

In front of the Prime Minister Bruno Tshibala, the Ministers of Labor and Social Security and Land Affairs, the President of the Electoral Center, Corneille Nangaa, the Honorable Members Laurent Batumona and José Engbanda and, of course, several personalities, both national and international, this lunch had to bring in prayer for the Congolese nation, Africa, the world and the national leaders in order to make the Congolese people aware and remind everyone of their duty on earth, and as it was so well said Azarias Ruberwa. “Live every day like a Sunday,” he insists, in addition.

13 years already

Here in Congo DRC, it is in 2004, while the country was in crisis, that this meeting of the national breakfast, headed by Azarias Ruberwa, had taken its first roots.

For 13 years, Congolese and foreign leaders have never tired of meeting, discussing and praying for a favourable situation in Congo DRC and to put God in everyone’s business.

This thirteenth meeting, held November 11, 2017 at Pullman GH, comes after a two-day leadership seminar.

Placed under the theme of this year’s “Model Leadership of Jesus Christ: The Holistic Salvation of Man”, it should be noted that many people are determined to make a difference in this country through the good faith, self-awareness, love of neighbor, but also, thanks to Jesus Christ who gives holistic salvation to man so that he reaches his full development, thus leading to the development of the Congolese community or nation, herself.


We should go back to the 1950s, when there were several political and social difficulties in America, as well as wars that were fashionable at the time, to see an American President take the lead to create a collective that brought together a few members of the Senate and Congress to discuss all of these issues before going to the obvious that the only solution was to turn to Jesus Christ to pray, sharing a common meal around a table.

And this has been going on for more than 63 years, with the concept spread throughout the world in more than 150 cells that bring together several leaders where they associate Jesus Christ in their debates focused primarily on the problems of their countries, Africa but also of the world.