Colombia Comedy

A Japanese chistesito to laugh a little while!!!
A child japonesito arrives in the United States and the dad part of the school.
The first day of class, the teacher presents to Suzuki, you son of a Japanese businessman, to the boys from the sixth grade.
Then the teacher tells them to the students:
-“today we start going over a little bit of history of North America and south”.
– who said “give me liberty or give me death”?
The class was silent, except for Suzuki:
-“said it Patrick Henry, 1775”
– very well!: said the teacher.
– who said “the government of the people for the people, should not disappear from the face of the earth”?
Again, no response from the class, saved suzuki:
– “Abraham Lincoln, 1863”.
The teacher in awe, said to them:
– “guys, shame on you, Suzuki that is new in our country, knows more about our history that you”.
The teacher is enough to hear a whisper:
-” to the curb with the bloody japanese!”.
– who said that?, asked the teacher.
Again Suzuki raises his hand and says:
-“General Macarthur, 1942”
The class is silent and one of the boys is enough to say:
“I’m going to throw up”.
The teacher is to see who was the disrespectful:
– enough is enough!… who said that?
And Suzuki says:
-“George Bush Senior, the Japanese Prime Minister, 1991″.
One of the students, furious, she screams at the Japanese from the bottom:
-” suck my this!”.
Suzuki, almost jumping in his chair, he says to the teacher:
– “Bill Clinton to Monica Lewinsky.- 1997”.
The one who was the number one in the class shouted:
-“I was at first until I got this japanese”.
And Suzuki answer: -“Mario Vargas Llosa – Peruvian election, 1990″.
The class enters into a state of hysteria. The teacher faints, there is chaos.
While the kids are swirling around the fading teacher, one of them-cries out:
” Shite!, and now, how do we get out of this mess without you realize it was us?”