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    For the mother, the friend and companion.

    My parents decided to give his life to the fight. For years they helped forge that dream can now call FARC-EP.

    A daughter of the guerrillas

    My dad, being a union leader suffered state persecution until he left his civilian life, his wife and their children. Thus came the guerrillas. My mom, being militant of the Communist Youth decided to change his life urban fighting in the mountains, the rifle and the olive green uniform.

    The same work united. By then the norm of mandatory planning was already in the statutes. My dad had their children away, my mom had chosen to become guerrilla knowing that motherhood would not be the priority in your life.

    Both understood the need to be planned in the FARC-EP and she did it responsibly to avoid abortion. However, faced with a disease that affected their reproductive organs and advanced age, my mom decided to consult with management the possibility of being a mother.

    Aware of the risks of war, he knew that if it came to accept her motherhood, she and the baby would be much time apart, but there was the possibility of leaving with his family.

    He asked audience Comrade Manuel Marulanda himself. He walked for four long days to reach the place where the Secretariat was. He stated his case, explained that first of all she was a guerrilla and was in line with the rules of the organization. He also said that consultation was personal, my dad already had other children and did not intend to have more, “He will only sperm”, she said while laughing Marulanda.

    He accepted. My mom started to return to their camp. Again four days running up and down hills. He arrived with my dad to tell him the news. He received joyous news. Although it was not something he wanted assumed his part of it …

    An hour later, she looked at the clock and said, “I have an hour of pregnancy”. He waited a bit longer to get the urine test, which of course was positive, but my mom was just confirmation of something that was for sure.

    After a few months she was sent to the city. Thanks to the organization I was born in the best possible conditions.

    Some years have passed since then. My dad is gone. With my mom, we have been able to maintain communication, much more than she ever imagined the day he requested permission to have me. We are not the most tragic case of guerrilla motherhood, the same tasks assigned to you my mom have allowed him to be close and have much influence on my formation as a human being and as a revolutionary.

    Today it unites more than blood ties. Both are fighting for the same project country that my dad gave his blood that remains in force endure injustice.

    I am a daughter of the guerrillas. I’m not the generality. Planning policy remains essential for the FARC-EP can develop as a political-military organization, but that does not mean they do not take into account peculiarities.

    This story could have been written down in a notebook, but not be fair. Many times have been issued on the criteria irresponsible policy toward motherhood in the organization. I hope my testimony will help clarify the visions.

    By Violeta Narvaez guerrilla FARC-EP


    Monica Villegas eyes bear the sorrow sown in peasant communities in the municipality of Ituango, Antioquia, one of the most ravaged by the paramilitaries of Carlos Castano and Salvatore Mancuso. At the same face, her smile keeps the charm attractive young Antiochian.
    Eyes smile peace and war

    Since the 10 year old wanted to join the FARC and so he made it known to his parents, who tried to discourage telling stories of other families that their children became guerrillas and had not been seen in years, losing them for housework and breaking bonding. “That’s heartbreaking for a mother,” heard say; then he decided to keep secret his desire and not manifestárselo more relatives.

    Born in a village in the municipality of Ituango, being very small met the guerrillas. Sporadically they passed through his home, sometimes in large groups and sometimes small but always came by surprise and disappeared as if by magic, what generated curiosity that could not satisfy his young age.

    Among them, he was always a boy in the region, the neighborhood, who had gone any given day and then came as big and strong, accompanied by other and with a different behavior of civilians. More serious, discreet, mature and taken into consideration by the inhabitants of the village. But he drew attention to the guerrilla who saw wear uniforms, carry weapons and take on activities and authority as men.

    Stealthily talk to older listened quietly, with an air of mystery voice, which will further increased the curiosity. He heard that these young acquaintances were facing in fighting the paramilitaries and the army when they came to the villages to murder good people known in the region, to massacre and drive to keep the land. Again he felt like being a guerrilla.

    The desire to join the guerrillas gnawing inside, but I knew it would not receive per child; then he promised that when I turned thirteen would be joining them. After having fulfilled a few months, he spent a commission of guerrillas and when night approached, Monica hid to watch where they would go to join them. When the manager of the commission said that was not received by not old, she lied that she was 15.

    It took several days to realize that it was a commission of the ELN and FARC not. He had not imagined what was the daily life of guerrilla life; being still a child, she had great difficulty adapting, why the guerrilla command returned to the house. There, with his mother, he continued to cultivate the dream of belonging to the FARC, but he knew only receive when he turned 15 years. He waited patiently and now a little more mature, to meet them, he joined a committee in who was a relative.

    The FARC completed 13 years in which he has had to assume different responsibilities and missions, including combat against the army on many occasions in northern Antioquia. But the day really guerrilla, who invaded the feeling of having achieved their aspirations, even though it was an unconscious impulse was felt when the fight against the paramilitaries in Santa Rita. He felt that he had done justice by their cousins, by parents and brothers and guerrilla fighters whom the paramilitaries killed in massacres; and the death of many poor people in the region.

    Like all guerrilla and FARC guerrillas, longs for the Dialogues of Havana will be successful, and is politically preparing to assume new roles that await fighters in a scenario of post agreement. I would devote more time to strengthen the bond with her teenage daughter and dreams of studying medicine, career likes and which has traveled a distance, as it is one of the best educated nurses Block Efrain Guzman.

    But as you know it is not easy to agree with the Santos government an agreement that satisfies the aspirations of the most disadvantaged sectors of the nation, it is also prepared to continue to take the confrontation, if he comes to need.

    “Thus recrudezca again confrontation, will continue to struggle for a political solution,” he announces peace with his smile and his eyes war.

    By Matthias Aldecoa, Peace Delegation FARC-EP


    Women and gender: bourgeois feminism versus revolutionary concept

    Since the dawn of our species, women have been gaining ground around obstacles and to achieve their multiple skills to demonstrate alongside men. A way reflected misunderstandings and repressions, both society itself and from their immediate environment.

    Mired for centuries under the rule of a patriarchal model, women have fought a thousand battles in order to achieve an egalitarian, keeping the same space with the development of society. In the struggle for liberation, they have been involved in emancipatory processes in different realities across the planet.

    To do this because they have overcome and conceptualizations point out what is really revolutionary feminism, which antidote to the poison intoxicated with bourgeois feminism. Hence the importance of knowing what really separates the bourgeois view of women’s “emancipation” of that revolutionary, stripped and these defects of the past and impositions of this.

    What difference does exist between bourgeois feminism and revolutionary? It is a question more than necessary, vital for women who seek and fight for a different society.

    The first deals with the problems of women from the cornerstone of compatibility with capitalism, is aimed at specific demands of women of middle and upper class, it is a pro-institutional feminism and is an expression of bourgeois ideology, in line with which ignores the centrality of the struggles of workers, poor women, workers, indigenous, peasant, etc .; in essence, bourgeois feminism conceives of itself as a way for women are also recognizes the right to profit, exploit and occupy positions.

    For the revolutionary feminism, on the contrary, the struggle of women is a constituent and indivisible part of the struggle to the death against the capitalist system, to achieve gender liberation within the framework of social liberation. His critique of patriarchy and machismo is devastating to the extent that it is radical, since far from being adorned with rhetoric and sophistry, goes to the root of the contradictions and is nourished by Marxism.

    Clarify this difference in approach leads to consider the fundamental tenets of Marxism. The critical foundation that separates Marxism from all bourgeois thought is its conceptual support that develops on three main areas, namely: the theory of surplus value or exploitation, state theory and the theory of thought.

    The theory of surplus value due to an operating structure that works objectively. According to Marx it is the value that the worker above the money that represents your work effort, which is not paid and goes directly into the hands of the capitalist. This appropriation of surplus value (surplus), which is called profit, is the basis of capitalist exploitation. Marxist theory states that exploitation exists due to the presence of a bourgeois state that favors the perpetuation of it.

    The second analyzes how the bourgeois state operates in interaction with other forces within it, whether they are religious, the judicial-legal system, the media, the military, and applied systematically repression in its various manifestations for their sustainability, as well as the prevalence of exploitation.

    And the theory or way of thinking, understood as the historical and dialectical materialism, poses a different thought the bourgeois in the interpretation of history and idealist method, being decisive when trying to change the world tool.

    The importance of this critical basis, from the point of view of women is vital, since these three axes are based on the anthropogony, which necessarily includes reproduction as a species through work. an important fact to address is then derived, or that the woman plays the workforce, and comes to be considered by the bourgeois state as an instrument of production.

    This leads to a deeper analysis, which part of the consideration of the existence of a dialectic between production and reproduction, taking into account that the woman is a unique workforce that produces work.

    If work in skilled or complex is divided and unskilled, where the first is exhausting psychologically workers, and for which the woman is obliged to compensate for this situation at home, there is a need to organize and fight against this situation of injustice that exceeded. Remember also that women workers generally receive lower wages by 30% compared to average man, ie that is profitable from the point of view of capitalist 30% more than men.

    So when the issues that concern women are discussed, it should be from a Marxist analysis to consider integrating elements that have been identified to analyze society and particularly the role, rights and duties of women; diametrically opposite, the bourgeois approach that addresses the issue of gender biased way it does, as unordered set of isolated phenomena, without contradicting the theoretical and ideological scaffolding of the capitalist system.

    In the current neoliberal model is class inequality that impacts most strongly on the gender asymmetry, which affected women both in the workplace and at home worsens. In both contexts must resist every day as a worker and as a member of the family, when it is discriminated, beleaguered including sexually, depressed, undervalued in terms of wages and affected by other situations that undermine their psychological stability and dignity as human beings with rights social, economic and political.

    Revolutionary feminism therefore not be confused with the bourgeois, which aims desdibujarlo. Hence the role that falls to the revolutionary: to deepen the theoretical study of this psychosocial phenomenon, which impacts on the political projects of transformation of society, and bring together every day more women and men around the liberation struggle.

    By Paula Jimenez, member of the Bolivarian Movement



    September 14, 2016.
    THE INMATES OF THE PAVILION 4 of jail the penitentiary pillory bogota we want to denounce the following:

    For several months we have been having problems with the feeding of all the prisoners of this prison-more than 4800 -, with who must suministrarla in time, quality and according to a menu stated in a contract for a large sum of Money.
    The last August 5, we had a meeting with the manager of this company servialimentar, Mrs. Indira Leon, who acquired some commitments that never fulfilled. We reclamábamos why so bad food, of the low and poor quality of the products, the area of unsanitary, preparation of the exploitation of the prisoners, and the constant change of the menu and thereby breaching the contract.
    The lady in mention, he said he was going to overcome all these flaws, but we see how shamelessly keeps happening the same thing.
    The day of today, the menu is grilled chicken breast, but the lords engineers, nutritionists and chefs, they invented a chicken ground like type gullas. First you don’t part of the menu, nor is the portion that corresponds to each prisoner and they don’t talk to the human rights of the yards for these changes, which are repetitive; and the same has been putting on record.
    Due to these successive changes of menu, not bad food delivery of minuta pattern we have taken the determination of not receiving but foods that appear on the menu; that’s why today, the prisoners of the courtyard 4 we were locked in with the supply of food Well, it’s not the stipulated in the menu; therefore if tomorrow, September 15, 2016, don’t give us food for the menu, and the missing of today won’t get food.
    Besides yesterday in human rights and put spokespersons of notice of what the menu for today; already in keeping bad company, they left 438 people without food; already between engineers and chefs, they are stealing the protein of the prisoners to sell to other yards
    Enough of negotiating with the food of the prisoners.
    We also urgent meeting with the directives of servialimentar to solve both impasse in the food.
    We ask attorney general of the nation, Ombudsman, personality and comptroller to apersonen of the failures of this company and take the measures to be taken.
    CORDIALLY INMATES PATIO 4 the pilori bogotá.


    Colombia Comedy

    A Japanese chistesito to laugh a little while!!!
    A child japonesito arrives in the United States and the dad part of the school.
    The first day of class, the teacher presents to Suzuki, you son of a Japanese businessman, to the boys from the sixth grade.
    Then the teacher tells them to the students:
    -“today we start going over a little bit of history of North America and south”.
    – who said “give me liberty or give me death”?
    The class was silent, except for Suzuki:
    -“said it Patrick Henry, 1775”
    – very well!: said the teacher.
    – who said “the government of the people for the people, should not disappear from the face of the earth”?
    Again, no response from the class, saved suzuki:
    – “Abraham Lincoln, 1863”.
    The teacher in awe, said to them:
    – “guys, shame on you, Suzuki that is new in our country, knows more about our history that you”.
    The teacher is enough to hear a whisper:
    -” to the curb with the bloody japanese!”.
    – who said that?, asked the teacher.
    Again Suzuki raises his hand and says:
    -“General Macarthur, 1942”
    The class is silent and one of the boys is enough to say:
    “I’m going to throw up”.
    The teacher is to see who was the disrespectful:
    – enough is enough!… who said that?
    And Suzuki says:
    -“George Bush Senior, the Japanese Prime Minister, 1991″.
    One of the students, furious, she screams at the Japanese from the bottom:
    -” suck my this!”.
    Suzuki, almost jumping in his chair, he says to the teacher:
    – “Bill Clinton to Monica Lewinsky.- 1997”.
    The one who was the number one in the class shouted:
    -“I was at first until I got this japanese”.
    And Suzuki answer: -“Mario Vargas Llosa – Peruvian election, 1990″.
    The class enters into a state of hysteria. The teacher faints, there is chaos.
    While the kids are swirling around the fading teacher, one of them-cries out:
    ” Shite!, and now, how do we get out of this mess without you realize it was us?”