Congo RDC Colombia Today Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia- People’s Army THE INMATES OF THE PAVILION PRISON IN COLOMBIA ARE BEING FED POISON



September 14, 2016.
THE INMATES OF THE PAVILION 4 of jail the penitentiary pillory bogota we want to denounce the following:

For several months we have been having problems with the feeding of all the prisoners of this prison-more than 4800 -, with who must suministrarla in time, quality and according to a menu stated in a contract for a large sum of Money.
The last August 5, we had a meeting with the manager of this company servialimentar, Mrs. Indira Leon, who acquired some commitments that never fulfilled. We reclamábamos why so bad food, of the low and poor quality of the products, the area of unsanitary, preparation of the exploitation of the prisoners, and the constant change of the menu and thereby breaching the contract.
The lady in mention, he said he was going to overcome all these flaws, but we see how shamelessly keeps happening the same thing.
The day of today, the menu is grilled chicken breast, but the lords engineers, nutritionists and chefs, they invented a chicken ground like type gullas. First you don’t part of the menu, nor is the portion that corresponds to each prisoner and they don’t talk to the human rights of the yards for these changes, which are repetitive; and the same has been putting on record.
Due to these successive changes of menu, not bad food delivery of minuta pattern we have taken the determination of not receiving but foods that appear on the menu; that’s why today, the prisoners of the courtyard 4 we were locked in with the supply of food Well, it’s not the stipulated in the menu; therefore if tomorrow, September 15, 2016, don’t give us food for the menu, and the missing of today won’t get food.
Besides yesterday in human rights and put spokespersons of notice of what the menu for today; already in keeping bad company, they left 438 people without food; already between engineers and chefs, they are stealing the protein of the prisoners to sell to other yards
Enough of negotiating with the food of the prisoners.
We also urgent meeting with the directives of servialimentar to solve both impasse in the food.
We ask attorney general of the nation, Ombudsman, personality and comptroller to apersonen of the failures of this company and take the measures to be taken.
CORDIALLY INMATES PATIO 4 the pilori bogotá.