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For the mother, the friend and companion.

My parents decided to give his life to the fight. For years they helped forge that dream can now call FARC-EP.

A daughter of the guerrillas

My dad, being a union leader suffered state persecution until he left his civilian life, his wife and their children. Thus came the guerrillas. My mom, being militant of the Communist Youth decided to change his life urban fighting in the mountains, the rifle and the olive green uniform.

The same work united. By then the norm of mandatory planning was already in the statutes. My dad had their children away, my mom had chosen to become guerrilla knowing that motherhood would not be the priority in your life.

Both understood the need to be planned in the FARC-EP and she did it responsibly to avoid abortion. However, faced with a disease that affected their reproductive organs and advanced age, my mom decided to consult with management the possibility of being a mother.

Aware of the risks of war, he knew that if it came to accept her motherhood, she and the baby would be much time apart, but there was the possibility of leaving with his family.

He asked audience Comrade Manuel Marulanda himself. He walked for four long days to reach the place where the Secretariat was. He stated his case, explained that first of all she was a guerrilla and was in line with the rules of the organization. He also said that consultation was personal, my dad already had other children and did not intend to have more, “He will only sperm”, she said while laughing Marulanda.

He accepted. My mom started to return to their camp. Again four days running up and down hills. He arrived with my dad to tell him the news. He received joyous news. Although it was not something he wanted assumed his part of it …

An hour later, she looked at the clock and said, “I have an hour of pregnancy”. He waited a bit longer to get the urine test, which of course was positive, but my mom was just confirmation of something that was for sure.

After a few months she was sent to the city. Thanks to the organization I was born in the best possible conditions.

Some years have passed since then. My dad is gone. With my mom, we have been able to maintain communication, much more than she ever imagined the day he requested permission to have me. We are not the most tragic case of guerrilla motherhood, the same tasks assigned to you my mom have allowed him to be close and have much influence on my formation as a human being and as a revolutionary.

Today it unites more than blood ties. Both are fighting for the same project country that my dad gave his blood that remains in force endure injustice.

I am a daughter of the guerrillas. I’m not the generality. Planning policy remains essential for the FARC-EP can develop as a political-military organization, but that does not mean they do not take into account peculiarities.

This story could have been written down in a notebook, but not be fair. Many times have been issued on the criteria irresponsible policy toward motherhood in the organization. I hope my testimony will help clarify the visions.

By Violeta Narvaez guerrilla FARC-EP