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Let's go to the elections!

No more question of distraction with the proliferation of absurd discussions or idle circumlocutions. Let’s go to the elections! ”. Clear message, speech adapted to the political situation of the moment. Now, at the CDER, things are taken seriously, since the CENI published, on November 5, the new calendar setting the elections to December 23, 2018. Officers and activists, leagues around Jean-Lucien Bussa Tongba, are ready to wash the affront, in these polls which, after several postponements, were, this time, confirmed for December 2018. “We recommend that the Government quickly send the electoral law to the National Assembly and that the Enrollment process is accelerating. Most of the time is the elections scheduled for 2018, which interest us the most. The road to the street is not worth it, “said Jean-Lucien Bussa Tongba on Saturday, November 11, in Kasa-Vubu, on the occasion of the inauguration of a brand new seat of the Renewing Democrats Movement, his own political party. He said it so well, from the top of the platform erected for the occasion, to allow him to commune with the entire tide made up of activists, cadres and sympathizers of the party, who came from all over the city-Province of Kinshasa, to know a little more about the orientations mainly focused on the prospects in relation to the electoral deadlines. To be honest, the Renewing Democrats of R & D. Congo, led by Bussa, elected from Budjala on the blessed lands of former Ecuador and Minister of State in charge of Foreign Trade, are launched on the ground, for preparations to win several seats in Parliament, during the games elections in 2018.

Bussa aims, indeed, the top 5 of the first parties that will gain the most possible seats both at national level and at the provincial level.

Executives and activists learned from their leader this weekend. They are, in fact, embarked on this vision of preparing, right now, the victory instead of believing in a miracle fortuitous.

Bussa believes, hard as iron, that it must be seriously worked to deserve to be ranked pole position, when the time comes. The message thus launched is part of the implementation of the electoral calendar, as published on 5 November 2017 by the CENI.

At the CDER, Bussa also thinks that there is no longer any question of spending time talking or discussing. Enough is enough ! We just need people to prepare for the elections. That is all. The rest is, in his opinion, only trivial. Hence, the mobilization he launched this Saturday, November 11, 2017 until elections 2018.

What about the CDER?

The CDER is a political party officially recognized since December 17, 2013, by the ministerial decree n ° 100 bearing registration of a political party. The trend of the Rénovateurs Democrats, CDER, is a party of men and women concerned about the multiform crisis that the Democratic Republic of Congo has been going through for several years and highlighted by insecurity in the country, the poverty that 71% of the population, as well as the backwardness of the country, according to all economic and social indicators, to the other countries of the world. This, in contradiction with the immense economic potentialities available to the Democratic Republic of Congo. “We are together for a strong ambition: that of an emerging Congo and a dignified people. Yes, a strong and prosperous Congo is possible! A rapid and radical change is possible. It depends only on the determination of the elites and the mobilisation of all the forces of the nation. We defend democratic principles, the promotion of moral values, respect for the rule of law, the promotion of fundamental freedoms, respect for the principles of equality and equity; the respect of economic and social rights for a Congo whose vocation is to join the circle of emerging countries and a socially fulfilled people. We highlight, the role of the elites and the effective involvement of the entire population to achieve the desired qualitative change “is the premise of the CDER, a party dear to the worthy son of Ecuador, Jean-Lucien Bussa , its National President.

Alternative leadership

The current vision of the Renewing Democrats is based on the belief that the difference between states today rests on the quality of leadership.

Hence, the ambition would be to offer the Congolese a credible and visionary alternative leadership for quality governance that derives from effective institutions, held by an ambitious and responsible elite.

In doing so, the CDER advocates the fact that it is possible to break the contradiction: “DRC, a country with immense natural potential and populations among the poorest in the world”. The Renewing Democrats’ Stream advocates, in fact, the restoration of R & D. Congo in the geostrategic, economic and social position that corresponds to its true dimension, and the Congolese people in their lost dignity.

The purpose of the CDER’s struggle is to place the country in the orbit of the developed countries, and to restore the dignity of the Congolese.

It is in this perspective that it addresses topics of national interest in order to find structural and practical answers.

Aware of his political struggle, undoubtedly realistic, the National President of the Current of the Renewable Democrats, the Honourable Jean-Lucien Bussa did not hesitate, during the inaugural ceremony of the national headquarters, Saturday, November 11 last, to reaffirm the availability of its elite to face, without fear, or shame, the polls by the end of 2018, as planned in the calendar published on November 5 last. Thought precedes action, he argues, at the CDER.