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It is through the theater as the Green Festival (Festivert) wishes to sensitize the Congolese population, the concepts and importance of biodiversity. Coordinated by Lele Michoux BOSSAY, this festival aims to involve the public, especially youth, on the respect of nature and environmental protection.

As part of its civic education program, the Carec, through the ecological theater festival, conducting a public awareness campaign on the protection of nature.

After the city-province of Kinshasa and the former province of Bandundu, does one information, the “Festivert” successfully passing through the territory of Inongo, capital of the province of May-ndombe where he s ‘place from 28 July to 5 August 2016 with the aim of making young eco-citizens.

It’s a real gamble won for the organisers who have given themselves body and soul to educate youth on environmental protection and biodiversity. In the style of a fun edition, genuine, activities took place in the halls, in the open air markets. The ideal is to reach all segments of the population, especially young people.

Province May-ndombe full of interesting natural resources particularly the forest. This festival brings theater to the public, on the street market in the theaters. Young produce theater performances in which they demonstrate the consequences of global warming and deforestation. The popular themes ranging from sanitation to protection.

Individual, some young people who were trained and presented on stage declaimed their poems they wrote themselves. They, in their way, this educated segment of the population on the positive behavior to the protection of nature.

Very attractive and rational, the shows were played in both official languages (Lingala and Kikongo) to ensure a proper understanding of the message. With proper staging, some scenarios demonstrate how the population savagely cut the trees, kill animals, polluting the environment … Rich scenes in words and gestures, criticising the ignorance of the population of certain environmental standards have also been developed for the production in the Festival.

There was, also, a series of public screenings of the films of the environment that have been sanctioned by the exchanges between the public and organizers. The occasion was propitious to explain pragmatically, some threats that the earth is a victim because of the pollution of various kinds from deforestation which, even at low speed, impact on human health and the ‘environment.

In his speech, the Director of “Festivert” reassured that the agreement of the youth, poems and drawings will be published and made available to the public. An opportunity also to Lele BOSSAY to appeal to international and local organisations and persons of good will to support the initiative that is part of the well-being of the Congolese.