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Death again struck at the door of the National Radio Television Congolaise, RTNC. This time, it was a great presenter who went away.

This is the very famous Suzanne Lumana who died a few days ago from an illness. This great lady, professional, had to cover several activities in Kinshasa and elsewhere. This is a great loss not only for the Congolese National Radio Television, but also for the whole corporation of the press that will no longer count on this great feminine intelligence. Several politicians regret this loss. This is the case of Francine Muyumba, President of the Pan-African Union of Youth who had just words to pay tribute to Suzanne Lumana. On her Facebook page the President of the UPJ published a photograph taken with this journalist lady while slipping a few words of regret as if to say that it is the way of everyone and nobody can escape.

According to the information in our possession, the RTNC will be able to organize the funeral of Suzanne Lumana after those of Kolonji Ngoyi Kumbi Kumbi, who is the designer of the Musical Chronicle Emission, Sunday Guest and now Karibu Variety whose body This Friday and will be exhibited at the RTNC esplanade.