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Roger Nsingi use of forgery

While it is obviously digesting its downfall of the Presidency of the Provincial Assembly of Kinshasa on September 30, the Honourable Roger Nsingi, one learns sources close to this deliberative organ of the Capital-province, could be found, very soon, before the bar. Not for the facts alleged against him at the time of his eviction, namely: mismanagement, but rather for “use of forgery” and “forgery in writing”.

What exactly is it?

In correspondence giving notice of the taking of an act of renunciation of a parliamentary mandate signed on 18 July 2015 and transmitted to his addressee, the Honorable Mbengama Lonz’liso Francis, most recently on 3 October 2017, the VPM in charge of the Interior and the Minister of Relations with the Parliament, Nsingi Roger said he took note of the renunciation of the mandate of his Vice-President in 2015. At the request of Mr. Botswali Barthélémy, Codeli, from which the Vice-President of the Provincial Assembly of Kinshasa emerged.

Where arguments do not stand the ground, it is clear that in 2015, Nsingi Roger’s critics note, it is clear that at this time of the writing of this letter, the Ministry of the Interior, in its had no decentralization dimension as stated in the letter of the deprived President of the Kinshasa Provincial Assembly (APK). Moreover, the Ministry of Relations with Parliament was not, at the same time, headed by a Minister of State, Lisanga Bonganga, at the present time. And so the departments to which Nsingi Roger had reserved copies did not exist in 2015. It is forgeries in writing and use of forgeries, conclude the opponents of the elected Lingwala who are already constituted in civil part in what ” it is already appropriate to call a “suit against Roger Nsingi for forgery in writing and use of forgeries”.

Another question that is challenging is that why Roger Nsingi waited two years and a few months to mail his correspondence allegedly drafted on October 3, 2017, so after his downfall of the Provincial Assembly on September 30th?

For the perpetrators of the defeat of the President of the Kinshasa parliament, hear the 39 elected members who voted for his departure from their institution, Nsingi Roger wants the public to believe that his Vice President, Mbengama Lonz’liso Francis, was no longer member of the Provincial Assembly of Kinshasa at the time of the vote of his forfeiture. And yet, argue-one, irrefutable evidence testifies against Nsingi Roger. Notably, several orders of mission signed by him, while he had the imperium. Among others, 001 / APK / PRES / 2016, where 25 people, MPs and APK staff, were authorized to travel to the United States of America, with Francis Mbengama as Head of Delegation Vice-President of the APK. It was to attend the 60th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

There is also the collective mission order number 667 / APK / PRES / 2017 for 14 Provincial MPs and 7 members of the APK for a similar mission in New York. Here, the same Francis Mbengama led the delegation of the APK.

Finally, exit authorizations No. 014 / APK / PRES / 2017 and 039 / PRES / APK2016 respectively signed by Nsingi Roger on 20 June 2016 and 9 November 2016 for 60 days and 6 days, in favor of Vice-President Mbengama Francis and his wife and their companions, all went to South Africa.

This makes the opponents of the fallen President say that he must be prosecuted for the use of false and false in writing.