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Tax assessment workshop organized in Bandundu

Through a tax assessment workshop organized on Saturday, February 1, 2019 in Bandundu, the Minister of Finance Robert Dinsodi, assesses the financial production of the General Revenue Authority of Kwilu for the year 2019 in order to multiply the performance in this year 2020.

It emerges from this evaluation that, the Bandundu center realized from May to December 2019, more than 395 million Congolese francs.

“A performance that we intend to triple in 2020 to meet the budget voted in the Assembly,” reassured Jean Claude Ngamaki, head of Bandundu center.

In addition, he underlines that, “the politicization of the management, the tribalism, the absence of a salary scale, the concussion and the absence of a communication service to fight against fiscal incivism, constitute the difficulties to which the management faced during the year 2019 “.

However, he suggested that recruitment should be done far from political influence and that the tax on alcoholic beverages collected by the FARDC should revert to DGREK.