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the import of old cars in the DRC and their harmful consequences for the environment

The plenary of Friday, November 10, 2017 has been quite unusual in its progress. Back from a few days in the hemicycle, the Opposition, through the Honorable Toussaint Alonga, made use of an incidential motion to clear its substance an oral question with debate initiated by the Deputy Elvis Mutiri wa Bashara to José Makila Sumanda, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister in charge of Transport. This question concerned the import of 20-year-old used cars in the DRC and their harmful consequences for the environment. According to Deputy Toussaint Alonga, who presented the said motion, the matter criticised by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport is transversal. In so far as it concerns four Ministers who had signed the document at the time of the making of this decision under the Badibanga Government.

These are the Ministers of Finance, Economy, Trade and Transport. In principle, said Deputy Allsaint Alonga, it is the four Ministers who should answer this oral question with debate initiated by the Deputy Elvis Mutiri. ” The decree of 4 April 2017 modifying and completing that of 2012 is a question of transversal and multidisciplinary competence that refers to the general policy of the Government, because, he argued, he was countersigned by four Ministers from different sectors including Economics, Finance, Foreign Trade and Transport and Communication Channels, ‘he said. But he was surprised that the VPM and Minister of Transport was the only guest. Or, then, stressed Toussaint Alonga, it is the Prime Minister who normally should answer since it is a Prime Minister who had signed the decree, Samy Badibanga not to quote it.

Alonga saves Makila

It will be recalled that the Parliamentary Opposition slammed the door of the Chamber because of the incidential motion presented by the majority during the motion of no confidence against the VPM Ramazani Shadary and the Minister of State Alexis Thambwe Mwamba.

Did the same Opposition, which criticised the Speaker of the National Assembly for stifling the debate by accepting incidental motions, contradict each other? Asked a certain opinion. Ironically, reiterate his opponents, the same Opposition, better the same Deputy Toussaint Alonga who personally initiated a petition against Minaku for the aforementioned reasons, it is also he who has now come with the incidental motion to stifle the debate since VPM Makila is responsible for his department. The Opposition, it is said, is caught in its own trap. What about the passport issue, which is also cross-cutting when we know that the question involves the Ministers of Finance, Foreign Affairs and the Interior where the debate took place? MP She Okitundu had, at the time, answered Members’ questions on this issue. What will the Opposition say now when the Majority wavers the same motion to oppose any initiative coming from it? The question is asked.