Institutional communication of enterprises, public institutions and services in the DRC “, that is, the title of this album. It was focused on the baptismal font on Friday 8 June in the grounds of the Royal Hotel, under the patronage of his Excellency the Minister of the portfolio, Louise Munga Mesozi. It is done. The communicologue and financial economist by training, Franck Elias Mukanya Lusanga book-lovers of literature the fruit of his labor. Before several VIPs, the presentation of this book was made by prof. Jean Kambayi Bwatshia. This is a literary very rich and inspired by the new challenges and new practices of corporate communication.

This book was prefaced by Louise Munga, the Congolese minister portfolio. The work has the merit of having fulfilled all the scientific rules of use in the field, according to some experts present. Book of 360 pages, having had baptism in the series “African Studies”, Editions L’Harmattan in Paris, and has benefited from post-preface Professor Dominique Mweze, he warned, all his scientific and social substance for millions of generations to come, as attested crossed several testimonies readings by some VIPs present at the full presentation.

For prof. Mweze is a book inspired by new issues and new business communication practices. Provided that any organization has efficiency targets, many works on communication in this horizon not just aim to understand the current process, but above all to boost performance. It must be said, the communication remains a privileged means of exchange for all companies, public institutions and services in the DRC. Whether horizontal or vertical, it must meet a number of criteria to comply with the relevant performance issue. For the author of this book, because of the complexity facing all phenomena of communication and the recommended range of descriptive approaches oriented performance, several questions have caught his attention: the identity of the issuer and the nature of their strategies; the conscious or unconscious behavior of their engines; their reports to the media; the strengths and constraints of internal and external environment.

A close, for a serious company, institution or public service in the DRC, it is not enough just to communicate, but understand full well, by reading this book, what is “the armada of models and grids analysis is deployed to specifically identify the determinants of the place and role of corporate communication “within their respective services. This book is a proposed trip, in a singular context in various respects, a sweet tense opportunity for professionals and non-professionals to further penetrate a field of knowledge increasingly at the heart of investigation. The desired efficiency and performance to be achieved for each utility or business, through the bridge of institutional communication which we recognize a place and a decisive role. This book signed Franck Elias Mukanya-Lusanga, identifies the problems of institutional communication within companies and public services on the ground floor, and offers guidelines to follow and respect is for the Congo of tomorrow companies and institutions or services public whose performance is boosted with a view to their effectiveness. Then they will deal with competitiveness.