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They work hard, members of the International Support Group Facilitation Dialogue. After meeting Thursday, August 4, Etienne Tshisekedi, President of the Committee of Wise Men of the Rally of Forces Political and Social Change acquired, they were, Friday, August 5, at the headquarters of the African Union in Kinshasa to discuss with leaders G7. The meeting allowed this political platform to reaffirm, without hesitation, pre installed so far, the Rally of the Opposition. The G7 stressed particularly on the termination of judicial red tape and easing the political climate. Allusion, as expected, the release of political prisoners and called especially to judicial untangled brackish judged against Katumbi, displayed its candidate for running in the next presidential DR. Congo. Although other pre recovered on the long list of requirements gathering, were recalled Support Group urges the G7, moreover, to play its role to the end, to get the majority in power, conditions for the early holding of the dialogue. Thereupon, the G7 requires strong signals in terms of acts likely to defuse the political crisis whose premises, already visible on the political agora, may atomize of both the dialogue and elections.

8 prior to solve

The G7 has given the International Support Group’s mission to obtain the Kinshasa Government, strong positive signals about 8 unresolved prerequisites. There are, among others, the unconditional release of political prisoners or detainees, the cessation of judicial red tape, tax, administrative or police against opponents including against Moses Katumbi, declared candidate for the next presidential election.

G7 requirements also cover the liberalization of democratic space. Specifically, freedom of expression and the guarantee of security for public events of the Opposition and the resolving shutdown of opposition political parties. On the Facilitation, the G7 called for the transformation of the Support Group Facilitators Panel. This requires the designation of another facilitator. There is, then, the US application integration in the facilitation process. Against a backdrop of the release of the public media and the reopening of closed media close to the opposition.

Unity view

Between the G7 and the Rally, there emerges a never observed for unity, at least since the beginning of the current crisis in the political microcosm rd-Congolese. Since Genval Conclave in June 2016, opponents have learned to speak with one voice. Hope it lasts. The unity of the Opposition was more evident on 27 July at the homecoming of Etienne Tshisekedi, after a prolonged stay of two years in Brussels. The successful meeting of 31 July, near the Triumphal Boulevard, helped seal the unit found in the Congolese opposition.

Kodjo always challenged

Kodjo the case, the Facilitator contested by the opposition, was discussed during the meeting of the G7 with the International Support Group. Sharing fully the position of the Rally, which he is also part, the G7 openly campaigned for the appointment of another international Facilitator. Like what, for Congolese opponents, Edem Kodjo already belong to history.

The ball in the camp of the Government

Pre G7 attribute the blocking of dialogue with the government party long in giving strong signals in line to relax the political atmosphere. In other words, the majority in power is unwilling to adhere to the 2277 Resolution of the UN Security Council. Until when are we going to play cat and mouse?