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Yes, they are Congolese like any other. And thus they should enjoy the same rights and privileges as their compatriots living in the country. Jean-Pierre Alumba, a leading delegates of diaspora dialogue believes hard as iron. A head-on, it carries the claims of the Congolese diaspora. Despite the difficulties, the man claims that the voice of the diaspora was heard in the dialogue. Everything must be done by the Independent National Electoral Commission -CENI-, both houses of Parliament and also the Government to come to the Congolese diaspora are voters and if there is ambition, election candidates. Faced with the sleuths Daily Mont Fleuri, he says that the diaspora must, absolutely, be represented in the next government so that it wants its interests, those of the entire nation. In this interview, he also responds to varying contours of the dialogue whose work continues to the city of the African Union. In the following lines, please read it in full.

Hello Mr. Alumba

Jean-Pierre Alumba: Good morning.

Dialogue in the Working Group via the Working Committee to managed you are talks by Edem Kodjo. As Diaspora what are your impressions?

JP Alumba: A good experience for me to participate for the 3rd time to the foundation of these genres, after Sun-city and the 2011 Pretoria discussions on elections. But several years later I see that the elite of the DRC has still much to learn about the strategies of negotiations.

Okay. So you have some experience of talks between Congolese. But why do you say that the elite still has much to learn about the strategies of the negotiations?

JP Alumba: Strategies yes negotiations. The same Sun-city Pretoria errors and seating have not changed. The real negotiation is not done on the same day in public in room.

This is a poignant review. What is your assessment on the delivery of various components during the dialogue?

JP Alumba: The Opposition as usual is somewhat divided with conflicting interventions. Civil society a bit technical but without a common vision. The majority seemed to know the music. And with the absence of one of UDPS Co-author of the dialogue, the majority retained the copyright. Although the small minority diaspora, has been heard, anyway, his voice.

The Diaspora have concerns she was taken into account?

Alumba JP: Sure, but the CENI, the Parliament and the Transitional Government must revise some laws to facilitate the effective participation of the diaspora in future elections, if the vote of the diaspora may be another “trompe l’oeil” .

A good agreement that the diaspora must contain what elements?

JP Alumba: A good agreement that the diaspora must favor the general interest. It must meet the delegates to dialogue, but above all our people who have based their hopes on these historical foundations.

The political agreement for dialogue seems revolved around the electoral calendar.

A good consensual timetable of INEC, taking into account the total overhaul of the electoral register, must project the presidential elections when according to you?

JP Alumba: technically in a timely and politically acceptable by the entire political class and civil society, and also the diaspora.

How can your complete dialogue by the diaspora?

JP Alumba: Government which failed to deliver to the people the election must resign apologizing to the people. Parliament should be arrested for not very well fulfilled its constitutional obligations. INEC must install antennas in host countries Congolese living abroad.

In the Government, which will be set up, she will be shown the diaspora?

JP Alumba: The diaspora is a very strategic component as it must, absolutely, be part of the Government of National Unity.

What is the leitmotif of the coming of this government?

Alumba JP: It’s simple. Prepare for elections and improve socio-security conditions of the Congolese.

Tshisekedi and the Rally stayed outside. Will the resolutions of this forum be legitimized? Moreover, do they will be respected?

Alumba JP: It is a monument in the history of politics in this country. And a major player almost unavoidable in politics. Unfortunately, as in Sun City UDPS miss for just another rendezvous of history. The specification they signed with the ruling majority has been scrupulously followed except the restructuring of the CENI. But the legitimacy of the agreement will depend on its content and ensuring its implementation execution for there to be alternately smooth and the sustainability of peace and stability in Congo – Kinshasa.

Unfortunately, all good things must end. We are under this interview. Do you have a word for the thousands of Congolese living abroad?

JP Alumba: My compatriots abroad must begin to mobilize and organize for the vote. Stop dreaming, seeing things with objectivity and realism. Banish hatred, slander and gossip.