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A genuinely inclusive dialogue will take into account the great tenors of the Congolese and the rising youth Opposition and a substantial representation of women. In light of the resolution 2277 of the UN Security Council, this dialogue will intensify on respect for the constitutional deadline. Regarding electoral matters as proposed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), Francis Badibangi, National President of the Union Socialiste Congolaise (USC), believes that the most important among the three scenarios remains the respect of the Constitution . It was well expressed during the press conference he hosted yesterday, Tuesday, September 13, 2016, under the marquee of the Hotel Invest, located in the municipality of Lingwala. “We will remain open and continue to preach the true and inclusive dialogue that, despite the panoply of intelligence at the service of evil to the detriment of our people,” he raised his voice strangely like that of his deceased father.

To see him in his intervention so crucial, Francis Badibangi remained convinced of his political dedication in the footsteps of his father. Accompanied by a large delegation of executives of his party, he castigated number of political facts which tend to plunge the country into “a crisis.”

“We want to say strongly that regardless of the duration of the night and the blackness of darkness, truth, which is stubborn, always eventually triumph in the public square,” he urged. He called some figures politicians to participate in the dialogue for the best interests of the people. And not only for the conquest of power without the people. Hence, the name of the general interests of the people, the Congolese Socialist Union urges all Congolese political class to call the real inclusive political dialogue to avoid chaos in the country.

As for resolutions that come out of the current dialogue, USC has thus confided: “We do not endorse the resolutions of this dialogue and we prefer to wait for the real dialogue, one that aims to be inclusive, republican, patriotic and will be the coronation of democracy to political opinion both nationally and internationally. ” Furthermore, USC supports the electoral process while safeguarding the respect of the Constitution and democratic values. “We want to remain as sentinels of democracy and we refuse to hybridize the principle of alternation in the name of any political compromise,” said Francis Badibangi. He pleaded for the release of all so-called “political” prisoners, opinion and the reopening of the media of the Opposition.