Once again, the political scene Rd Congolese is bipolarized. And the stakes, namely the alternation at the top of the state or a slide bis, crystallize so much passions that the crisis that is looming seems to be the very first real political impasse posttshisekedi – still not buried elsewhere until day-. Two camps are forming and gradually increasing their ranks in the face of the problem of organizing elections before the end of December in accordance with the New Year’s Eve Agreement. The first block holds true to this pattern. No case of force majeure can be evoked to cause a second slip. There, without too much surprise, the Rassemblement / Limete and its political formations, the international community, of course, and finally the Catholic Church and other politico-social forces that are still silent in this respect moment. This block is so important to the organization of the electoral games this year that the threat of the street is brandished by many of them. And, in the specific case of the Rally, the cross-references of Katumbi, Kamitatu, Lumbi and Felix Tshisekedi suggest that if the CENI does not publish the electoral roll as promised, the Rassop will call for acts of disobedience civil. The second block, which is equally enthusiastic about the elections, insists on the inclusiveness of the entire electoral process. The Great Kasai and even the Kivu, where an active rebellion was declared. In the Kasai, it is the phenomenon Kamuina Nsapu which continues to make this southern region of the Republic a black sheep. Already with the Extate, the exclusion test could be done. Indeed, it is not in all the countries of the different provinces that constitute the Grand Kasai that the finalist pupils were able to pass the State examinations as their companions, moreover, on the whole national territory. Worn by the Majority’s tenors, who, night and day, never ceases to pound him on television sets or in the columns of newspapers, this option has just received the support of Corneille Nangaa, the president of the Commission National Electoral Independent. He, who yesterday in particular against the journalists gathered by the UNPC at the Nganda Center, declared that if the insecurity is not settled in the Kasaï, the CENI will work without the Kasaï, in the workshop of training and awareness of the professionals of the Media on the management of electoral information, noted that it would be politically impossible to go to the elections without the Kasai space. For, he says, “we risk having a President of the Republic not elected by a majority of compatriots based in that part of the country.” The decor is there. Already to cross the cape of July, the first clashes like December 2016 are to be feared especially that the withdrawal of the authorization of exit to Katumbi by the PGR, thing that makes of him henceforth a fugitive in front of the law, Comes to reinvigorate the ardor of the Rassemblement à en découdre. And, the fear of losing imperium will certainly push the current rulers, by instinct of survival, to seek to act … what to face this impasse? Is there a third dialogue? For what purpose was not projected by the two preceding talks? Is Congo-Kinshasa absolutely chaos? Obviously, to decide between these two blocks, it will take wisdom like Solomon who knew, to decide between two women fighting for the same baby. Here, without a doubt, the baby is the Congo, it is nothing less than the exercise of imperium in this majestic country in the heart of Africa.