Congo RDC Congo DRC Must end Repression Against political opponents Reply To: Congo DRC Must end Repression Against political opponents


The NGO Club Nyiragongo urges start independent investigations to determine responsibilities, following the death of people following clashes between the displaced and villagers Nyanzale in Rusthuru territory (North Kivu).
The Secretary General of this structure, Mr. Innocent Segihobe made the call on Sunday 28th February.
“We ask that there is fair investigations. What happens to Nyanale is the atrocities that we all know since November of last year in Lubero and Walikale. They massacred people were killed with machetes, were slain in Buleusa and Miriki, “he said.
He also accused some political leaders of Rutshuru to pull strings to keep conflicts between communities in this part of North Kivu.
“Some [political leaders] are themselves past the media to call for hatred. We demand that the State seizes of these people and put them out of harm’s way so that communities live in peace. It’s strange that there are communities who fight while since the 60s, they lived together in the Lubero and Walikale, “continued Mr. Innocent Segihobe.
The conflict between the displaced and the inhabitants of Nyanzale began when the body of a young IDP camp and killed in his field, was brought down by others in the early evening. These displaced youth Nyanzale accused the villagers of being at the root of this death and in turn killed four villagers Nyanzale.
Sources close to the administration of the territory of Rutshuru say they have identified about forty houses burned while some residents Nyanzale found refuge at the base of MONUSCO.