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A hundred officers and executives of Gécamines protested Friday, February 26 in Lubumbashi against possible changes to the collective agreement, and fearful of losing their benefits. For the occasion, they met with the Special Commissioner of Haut-Katanga. The leaders of this company insist on the need to amend this agreement. The Inter-cry to handling these agents.

The protesters left the Directorate General of Gécamines with as a base the police station in the province of Haut-Katanga. They chanted songs hostile to the Chairman of the Board (PCA), the Director General and the President of the Inter-Gécamines.

One of the protesters returned to their main demand:

“Since the interprofessional agreement prohibits fold benefits already acquired. Then the PCA gave them an ultimatum of 48 hours to cast [our benefits]. What we do not accept. This is among other things: decrease the notice, reduce the pension capital … ”

For the human resources director of Gecamines, William Ekusthu Ndenge, the old collective agreement of society is outdated and it needs to be adapted to the current realities of the business.

The side of the Inter-Gécamines, there is a handful of agents that are handled by a union; when discussions for the modification of the collective agreement are taking place between the employer and employee representatives.

“On 8 January 2016, the employer sent to the unions its proposals on the revision of the collective agreement. But to our surprise, the employer’s letter was poorly annotated, “said, Meshack Mabwisha Kasongo, chair of the Inter-Union.

The Special Commissioner of Haut-Katanga heard all parties and promised to report to the hierarchy in Kinshasa on this.