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50 years in pictures FARC-EP second part


We leave at your disposal the last 4 chapters of the book …

A fifth chapter make those faces and guerrilla fighters. The sixth chapter, iconography launch of the Bolivarian Movement, comprehensive alternative but clandestine struggle.

As a seventh chapter, images of some of those who are gone, but continue with us, historical and recent, all heroes and heroines of resistance.

Finally, the chapter on the various attempts to peace dialogues La Uribe in Meta, anchored in the eastern cordillera, 20 years after the emergence of the guerrillas. Later, with the dialogues of Caracas, Venezuela and Tlaxcala, Mexico in 1991-1992. Followed with a series of prints of talks in San Vicente del Caguan in Caqueta between 1998 and 2002. And now the dialogues of Havana, Cuba.

And we reaffirm, this book does not exhaust the subject, lack of experience and many protagonists of the fariana history, some still alive, others and others died. Continue in combat to achieve a peace with social justice, Colombia deserves.