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The guerrillas want peace with social justice to continue working, now without weapons, for a better country for all the Colombian population. We dream of equal opportunities for women and guarantees of our human rights, study and work in what interests us. All this, of course, within the framework of the plans of our organization. These are the clearest ideas that have then left me to converse and share with hundreds of guerrillas on how we see ourselves in peace.

Many people in Colombia and the world is optimistic about the peace process, believe that if the agreement is signed and so we invite from and to their homes and plan of work that together, we will do for Colombia to both we want. We talk about how important it will be reunited with our families, especially our children. We listen and we will also riding in that car optimism.

But as soon they leave and were alone, put his head on the pillow and here comes the problem: pensadera … will end paramilitarism ?; Do we achieve policy without kill us ?; Will we make desired peace?

We have years of resistance against a criminal State which has used the targeted killing as a way of doing politics. The bourgeoisie has expropriated the name of the right to private property, no matter how the purchase. Kill all who set as winner than her affections. No lie of the Communists, just have to read the report of the Historical Commission, yes, more than 800 pages, but that’s part of the story.

They also live in the mind of every guerrilla, each guerrilla, each person who has fought for the rights of the Colombian people, the horrors committed by that State. And the war lasted longer than what was intended when a handful of men and women decided to rise up in Marquetalia because they did not want to die shot in the back by demanding justice. And this has led us to make mistakes, that’s true.

Anyway. Read messages from other friends, other people who write to us by social networks or pages of the FARC-EP saying, be careful not surrender their weapons that will kill !, remember the history of Colombia! And we anyway we turn to introduce optimism. Yes, because if we do not believe in this process then what we got to talk. They have done other people with worse problems, how will not succeed in Colombia?

And it is when the guerrilla, as the guerrillas will reply to friends and to those who are not but tell us that among all the Colombian people have to achieve to make peace. To close ranks paramilitarism, the enemies of dialogue, who need war because they live it.

Guerrilla see us working with the communities where we always have been but without the pressure of a bombing or the arrival of paramilitary razing everything we’ve built. Without the fear of targeted killing by winning a seat to traditional politicians, think critically and act in accordance with it, being opposition, for the left, for being Communists.

In the FARC-EP we believe that peace is possible and that Colombia can not continue in endless war. We accepted the invitation to make us friends to their homes, to work together for this beautiful country. Every Colombian and Colombian should think that peace will not be without its positive contribution, passivity only serves the enemies of peace that invade the media with messages dispiriting. Come all and all for peace we deserve!

By Candelaria Viva, guerrilla FARC-EP