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Today Kankienza, ngalasi, Denis Lessi, mukuna and all the other false prophets like them come to sign the end of their reign of guru churches of alarm clock.
After to be united with Muslims, kimbanguists, Rasta, the churches of black, etc, for supposedly to dedicate the nation to God when in reality they dedicate the nation to Satan, I declare as a prophet of God that the fall Of these men arrived, I’m not saying that it will happen but I said she’s arrival because today the tower of Babel was built.
You have too many lies an entire people, you have to take a lot of souls in idolatry, and here’s your late arrival. Cry, moan and forget your glory because the Lord will now you lower and shame will be your share.
It’s been several years that we tell you that these men are not of God, you have to deal with all the names, you see even their fruit. Pastors idolaters, a disgrace to the church.
Put us in jail, you’re gonna make us murder but we will not stop proclaiming the truth.
Pray for the nation that is very commendable, pray for the authorities it is even biblical. But what kind of prayer? Partnering with who? You’ve gotta weave some magic with the nation.
As we know now that the Lord is God.