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Improvement of the energy sector in the DRC

It was Monday, December 26, 2016 that Prince Willy Mishiki, the new Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Resources, normally arrived at his office located in the administrative building of the Régideso, located along the Boulevard du 30 juin, in The commune of La Gombe. President of the National Union of Nationalists and Coordinator of the political platform “Gathering signatory of the Political Agreement of October 18, 2016”, Prince Willy Mishiki has appropriated many residual difficulties to which the thousands of Congolese are confronted in the sector of Water and electricity. For this worthy son of North Kivu, each territory and city of the DRC must be served by electricity and drinking water. This, in his view, will have a significant positive impact on the economic life of the country, on the lives of children under five who die prematurely as a result of improper water use.

Although the time is too short, Prince Willy Mishiki, along with his minister Pierre Anatole Matusila, intend to innovate, according to their wisdom and intelligence. But now it is not a matter of suspicion but rather of the conviction that drives change. For him, indeed, the Congolese will have to wait and trust them. In 12 months already, he sees beautiful things happen in this great and beautiful country. “We will first make an inventory of what is at our disposal. Increasing attention should also be given to the private sector. Since it must be recognized that the State does not have much resources today to invest in this sector. Today we have a hundred or so hydraulic sites where we can erect dams or wind and solar power production, “he told media professionals. It adds that it is their responsibility to fund studies that are an important phase in the financing of any project. “Our goal today is to have electricity in every territory and every major city in this country. Really, it’s a big challenge. We only have 16 months, but hopefully in a year we can do something, “he believes.

Success Chance

He also argued that several studies have been carried out by their predecessors. “We know sites that reassure us that in every territory there is the possibility of producing electrical energy. And when we have electrical power, we are more likely to witness the emergence of secondary activities whose success depends largely on electricity and water. In Katanga, for example, most mining companies import electricity from Zambia. While in the country, we can save these currencies and increase production. Some miners have reported to us that if they have a very good electrical current, 24 hours a day, they would increase the production capacity. Given that the electrification sector has already been privatized, it can now boost the economy of the DRC, “he said.

Potential investors

In his keynote speech, Prime Minister Samy Badibanga highlighted the importance of public private partners in the success of the transitional government. It is therefore imperative that partners support the heavy responsibility of Minister Pierre Anatole Matusila and his deputy minister, Prince Willy Mishiki. It is in this capacity that the latter has returned to this strategic point. He said: “We can produce our current here and we sell it outside with the help of international and domestic investors. They must only be encouraged to come and invest in the country. Energy is one of the weapons that the government is going to use to shoot down titanic work. Prime Minister Samy Badibanga made it one of his priorities. Our commitment with Minister Matusila will precisely enter into the framework of the social Congolese in order to improve their living conditions through our sector.


He called the people to patience. “I believe that the population has followed the government’s program discourse and understood that Prime Minister Samy Badibanga has a good faith to fulfill the missions assigned to him. Our people have to be patient, because in order to achieve our vision, we will sometimes have to make rigorous decisions. Free maternity-related costs are possible. We have neighboring countries that do. We can cite Angola and Rwanda, “he said. He returned the ball to the level of politicians who must be animated by good faith and political will. “We realized that you can not produce without being healthy. That is why, in the water sector, we will do all we can to innovate and make quality work for our people. We thank the Prime Minister who has included in his program free health care for children under 5 years of age. It will help parents take care of other things instead of worrying too much about spending money on children’s health, “he reassured.