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Many Congolese have no Access to their Bank accounts.

Under the supervision of the Central Bank of Congo (BCC) for a period of 180 days since last June, BIAC is still awaiting its dissolution while savers continue to languish in misery because they do not always have Access to their account. The blockage, according to these shareholders, comes from the BCC. To the point that the file remains stagnant at the level of the justice which should render its judgment since the 4 of December last.

This is a matter of great concern to BIAC shareholders, who, like clients, are eagerly demanding the appointment of a liquidator, as required by law, to ensure that the proceedings can proceed as quickly as possible. To believe the shareholders, this approach is a solution to allow savers to recover the money they have placed in the bank. This solution, it is said, will go through the voluntary dissolution and liquidation of the assets of BIAC so that each interested person can take possession of its deposits.

Alas! Until now, the procedure has remained blocked at the level of the BCC which should solve the dissolution yet legal.

For example, in a press release issued on December 29, 2016, BIAC shareholders reminded the general public and debtors of the bank in particular that any repayment of credit to former members of BIAC Provisional Administration Committee during this period shall be considered null and void.

On this basis, the shareholders remain awaiting the appointment by the BCC of a liquidator, who will be entitled to recover the credits granted. In the absence of a liquidator, the debtor would expose himself to pay his debt again because the legal principle is that “who pays badly, pays twice”, they hammered in the statement.

Still in the same direction, one of the lawyers of the shareholders of BIAC approached, denounced certain maneuvers that would be manipulated by the BCC on the Provisional Administration Committee whose mandate ended on December 25, 2016, in accordance with the order Dated November 25, 2016 to review BIAC’s remedial options.

For the advocate, the Chairman of the Provisional Administration Committee is not qualified to hire BIAC. Hence, he insisted, the public and the debtors must not yield to the pressure and especially to stop paying their credits because the mandate of the President of the Provisional Administration Committee has no legal basis . However, it should be noted that the credits reimbursed would normally be used for BIAC savers and not for the operation of a bank in liquidation. As the shareholders’ press release points out, it is therefore up to the BCC to approve the liquidator so that the procedure can follow its course as soon as possible.