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    DRC Elections

    Sometimes, we demanded a transition without Kabila. Earlier, it was a question of marking the way for elections, provided that certain preconditions were met. Sometimes, finally, it was simply a matter of going there, whatever the conditions. Thus, the battle of the alternation will be so bitter that within the Opposition, phagocyted by internal struggles and fractures related, naturally, to the crisis of leadership, will it be difficult that it presents itself as a whole hard. And yet, any division, no matter how small, would make the Majority take advantage of it to pull out of the game and stay in the jumble of state power. From where, in front of this kind of position of the pawns before washing off the insult, during the next electoral rounds, the reflection around the unity, the cohesion and the common perspectives is essential, from now on. Of all these self-proclaimed, designated or proclaimed candidates, how can one ultimately be aligned with the Kabila dolphin?

    Sounds discordant

    In Limete, the cry of Felix Tshisekedi is and remains in this case, become almost superfluous of the TSKN. In South Africa, on the sacred lands of Mandela, the echoes crystallized yesterday, around Moïse Katumbi whose judicial troubles have never been, unfortunately, emptied, despite one of the recommendations of the Accord of the Saint Sylvestre including, on the decline and the end of annoyances and other maneuvers to stifle the freedoms of opponents.

    Moreover, here in Kinshasa, other alliances with hybrid ideologies and interests are also being concocted with a view to being sealed in the plan, for their members, to engage in the merciless fight , for the conquest of the presidential chair, December 23, 2018. This is the case of the merger of Palu and MLC. It is also that of the UNC and the MLC. So, the more the days go by, the better things will go fast, if not very fast.


    At Kasa-Vubu, the building collapses, according as the torch burns. The head of Tshibala is seriously sought after. A statement signed in the shadow of Joseph Olenghankoy is a good illustration of how much the political microcosm, at least on this side, is really boiling. Lines will certainly move. Because, after all, at the opening of the new session, this Wednesday, March 15, 2018, MPs, eager for permanent crises, will not fail to rebound with motions of mistrust to materialize, one way or another , this departure, if ever the Majority, the very one who had supported him when he arrived as a tenant of the Hôtel du Gouvernement, in April 2017, had the option to withdraw, in view of the desecration of this prestigious place through battles and breaks to the punch.

    In Bukavu, intellectuals in action

    In any case, this weekend, in Bukavu, political unrest, punctuated by the thoughts of Congolese intellectuals, under the leadership of Denis Mukwege, the Reparateur des femmes, have not less hidden their ambitions to go further, to seek, too, to covet the famous post in order to freely devote the battle of succession to Kabila, when the time comes.


    And as if that were not enough, outsiders will not fail to jostle at the door. From Washington DC, Christmas Tshiani Muadiamvita, brandishes the specter of the Marshall Plan. Oscillating between heaven and earth, away from the Necropolis, obviously, other political zombies are moving. Freddy Matungulu, a product of Western pharmacies, is on the lookout. Well, here is the saga going to hang another pace. So many of the covenants of yesterday and today will be misled by new ones that will certainly be caricatured on the ashes of eternal repositioning.

    Double talk

    In the meantime, Kabila, he keeps the language of wood. So far, the famous Dauphin still remains in his secrets. Perhaps when he wants to do so, his lieutenants will have taken the time to go to the public square. Have we not seen doctoral theses outweigh the communion which, logically, should have prevailed within the Majority? Just as all speculations about the slight redevelopment that led to the impromptu change between Mova – Shadary, continue to fuel the news about the hidden agenda of President Kabila not to let go of his post, as the Lay Committee of Coordination, the Bishops and the International Community have constantly asked him, since the end of the direct discussions, held at the Interdiocesan Center, on the edge of the Gombe.

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