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The Prime Minister opened yesterday, Thursday, May 5, 2016, in the morning at the House of Government, an inter-institutional seminar on communication vision, policy and strategy of reform and modernization of public administration. T

 Minister Pascal Isumbishohis great activity, it must be noted, was organized by the Ministry of Public Service, headed by the Minister Pascal Isumbisho. Given the importance the government attaches to the reform of public administration, this seminar was not only attended by several members of the government, Deputies and Senators, trade unions, civil society, but also of the general secretaries of public administration who are directly affected by the reform.

On the sidelines of the seminar, it was, among others, realize the significant progress made on this; examine the issues and major challenges or implementation prospects. Three major objectives are targeted by the work of the seminar. It is the common understanding of the strategy and the implementation of political reform of public administration, the acceptance of everyone to be a key player in the reform of the PA and, finally, the pooling of forces and efforts around the Ministry of public Service to make effective the Congolese government. For Minister of Public Service, Prof. Pascal Isumbisho, the seminar aims interdepartmental communication for the government team and the various sectoral administrations, a common understanding of the strategy and the implementation of policy reform public Administration in Democratic Republic of Congo. The Minister of Public Service expects, through this foundation, membership in the strategy of implementation of the reform of the administration.

Speaking on the issue of reforms, Augustin Matata Ponyo argued that reform and rejuvenation of the public administration is a prerequisite for the emergence constitutes a difficult goal to achieve development. “The ceremony today is of great importance for the government … Successful reform requires that each citizen adheres to this vision. The Ministry of the function being transverse, deserves the attention of all because without a good efficient administration, no state structure, no state institution can play its role for the good of the Congolese nation, “said the Prime Minister. Pascal Isumbishio, the roadmap of his ministry has been developed based on a diagnosis, which revealed several cyclical and structural obstacles from the vision of the Head of State, which means on the basis of obstacles prevent the Congolese government to be effective and efficient. Therefore, the Minister said, the reform of public administration includes a set of strategies in response to each obstacle, so that the Congolese administration again become an instrument for development in the executive department and the Nation .

“In short order, the diagnosis showed that our government could not allow the DRC today to play a key role in the African concert since she was a child she grew up, she made her evidence with the energy of youth and adulthood, and ended up having a state of ill health, with for example, inadequate and obsolete organic framework, actions characterized by public beatings instead of public services. The ensuing question is how our AP can make public services instead of public abuse? The answer is simple: add the letter R in the right place in the word abuse to obtain service. This therefore means lette R Reformation, “said the Minister of Public Service.

In the heat of his presentation, Pascal Isumbisho has synthetically presented to assistance for each major problem resulting from the diagnosis, the result was expected, the level of achievements and prospects and, above all that remains make. For its part, the State Minister in charge of Budget, Michel spoke Bongongo actions her department leads regarding the reform of public administration. He has to do this, focused his presentation on three key points.

These banking services, payroll control, and rationalization of pay. Regarding the benefits of banking, the Minister stated that it was mandated to control expenditure and remuneration of staff paid from public funds; regularize the pay of officers and civil servants; identify duplicate and fictitious; revitalize economic activities in the hinterland through the banking system in the most remote areas.

In his words, Michel Bongongo reported the meeting that on the orders of Prime Minister, his ministry had commissioned three payroll control missions in the areas of Higher and University Education, Public Health, Primary Education secondary and introduction to the new citizenship, ETP, RST. Controlled occurred between another in Kinshasa, Kongo Central, Ex. Bandundu, Ex. Ecuador, ex. Orientale. The good news is that this mission has brought a balance of 49.7 billion Congolese Francs. This interdepartmental seminar corporate communication of the political vision and strategy of reform and modernization of public administration will close tomorrow in the afternoon. Participants must think deeply to carry out this initiative.