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Grievances be charged to justify his expulsion from the platform mix for the Republic (AR) are unequivocal. José Makila, the National Chairman of the Alliance political party of the Congolese Labour Party for Development (ATD) has betrayed the ideals and objectives of the RA. Concerned, his solo decision to participate in the Dialogue Preparatory Committee while the AR, the political group to which he freely signed April 25, 2016, are delegated person. José Makila, in doing so, did not obey the watchword of the Rally of Forces Political and Social Change which challenges acquired the Facilitator Edem Kodjo for its bias in decision making. Therefore, José Makila can not engage the mix platform for the Republic. Franck Diongo, President ai of this platform, does not accept that politicians like José Makila like to not keep his word while other opponents, like himself, are risking their lives every day because they are fighting for defend the Constitution of the Republic and the promotion of democracy. In the entourage of Franck Diongo, it is understood that the exclusion of José Makila be a lesson for all the moles and political vagabonds who change positions as they change shirts.

Moreover, it is reported that Franck Diongo has the moral zenith after the success of the dead city day decreed by the Rally, Tuesday, August 23, 2016, in Kinshasa and in the provinces. Franck Diongo, who sees no end to the dialogue as conducted by the Facilitator Edem Kodjo, firmly believes that truth and success are on his side.