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This is a first on the record market. The new album “I” of the Congolese musician Manda Chante will be sold in USB support, commonly known as flash disk. In other words, this new playing can be used exclusively on devices with CD or DVD including music channel and radio station can receive USB keys and not on computers.

The announcement was made last week during a press conference in Kinshasa “Avelon Image”, which is responsible for the promotion and distribution of this new playing singer. According Charly KADIMA, this trade policy is a better method and strategy to fight permanently against the piracy of musical works.

He especially highlighted several advantages of this innovation in the musical world, which is a new concept in the technological evolution created by the DR Congo.

Technically, he explained, this concept has been designed to reduce the rate so slightly, so high, counterfeiting.

Charly KADIMA, recordings of musical works contained in the USB key can not be copied. ” With the CD and DVD, people had the opportunity to easily copy, illegally share songs and especially to hack the artists’ works at the expense of creators. With this USB Musical system, I think that our artists will find themselves well, regarding their copyrights ” said the manager director of the Avalon house.

Moreover, Charly KADIMA demonstrated that fixed phonograms or videograms content is indescribable and will work only in read mode.

US $ 20 is the price set to provide this musical USB which includes 12 titles in 4 audio and video version. As for the availability on the market, the producer said that the official release of the album of Manda Chante Nkumu take place October 13, 2016. Fourth disc of his music career solo, “I am …” filled a huge artistic potential. With his sharp and powerful voice, the author is one of the emblematic figures of the clan Wenge, gave himself body and soul to provide quality work in terms of instruments, rhythms and melodies. ” I invite music lovers who know the distinguished good and bad music to carefully listen to my album. For it is a lot of hard work that I offer with a healthy touch of rumba and some “ngwasuma” for those who love to move. Public really will not be disappointed by my songs, ” said the singer Manda Chante, boss Wenge Reference Group.

It should be noted that in this new serenade, Nkumu Manda has achieved many featuring with other Congolese musicians of talent Papa Wemba and Elvis Salcero.