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Monday, October 24 2016, the facilitator of the dialogue of the city of the AU, Edem Kodjo, together with the Co-moderators has personally presented the political agreement to President Kabila. The great figures of the various components were also there. Notably, Samy Badibanga, Ruberwa Shadary Emmanuel, Marie Madeleine Kalala, Michel Bongongo Ms. Maguy Kiala etc.

This face-to-face took place within the GLM concession in Gombe. This encounter not much filtered. But the alert to the opinion arose many questions. However, during the meeting at the menu, the flagship news topics had to be reviewed. This is, among others, the Luanda summit to be held tomorrow, the first steps of implementation of the agreement, namely; the establishment of the Government in November and various other aspects. The nagging question of the quest for inclusiveness has likewise been probably abordée.Car, while some advocate the holding of a second dialogue to complete the agreement unearthed in the city of the African Union, to others, against, reject this option.

That, by claiming that the said prosecution for inclusiveness must rather be in meetings or political cabals. That way, should not overshadow the dialogue ended October 18, 2016. And, let alone destroy its resolutions and acquired. To be honest, the politics in the DRC conditioned by the issues of the day remains unquestionably attached to the impact of the Luanda summit on October 26.