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The boss of the Wenge BCBG Orchestra was the main guest of a musical chronicle show hosted by 33 Tshitenge on RTGA last week. During this exchange, ” Papa Chérie ” alias ” Moto pamba ” seized the opportunity to ask the public authorities to tackle the piracy of their works. This plague would be at the base of their descent into hell. He also paid tribute to Papa Wemba who was an idol for him and contributed greatly to his career as an artist.

“We Congolese artists are abandoned to our own sad fate”, was the cry of alarm of this great artist of the 4th generation of Congolese music, answering the questions of 33 Tshitenge, music columnist on television RTGA. He recognized the reversal of Congolese music in the region and elsewhere. But, the boss of BCBG, justifies this free fall of the only authorized drug, music, to the piracy of their works. “Jazzy, an American musician had put a large sum of money, for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. You know why ? Because in the USA, the rights of the artists are well coordinated and they are not victims of piracy, “he hammered. In his speech he drew inspiration from the Nigerian experience to stimulate the supervisory authority to take a favorable view of their situation. “Nigerian artists had the chance to have a minister of culture. Which had forbidden to hack their works, “he said. He added: “One day we had a concert in Burkina Faso with a Nigerian artist named Phela, peace to his soul! This musician traveled with his own planes. All this because his country has good legislation on piracy and copyright, “he said. In addition, he also spoke on measures to restrict their performance in Europe. This measure forbidding Congolese musicians to play in Europe is unfair to him. According to JB Mpiana, the artist sells only his mark, he has no color. “I’m like a seller of bread. The sellers sell to everyone, he can not forbid a member of the Majority or the Opposition to buy his product, “he explained. Previously, JB Mpiana had paid tribute to the King of the Congolese Rumba in the person of Papa Wemba who had died on April 24th. “I said aloud in my lifetime that Papa Wemba was my idol, although we were doing the rain and the good weather, inside and outside the country,” he reassured. In addition, JB Mpiana promises to communicate the next few days with his fans at least once a month.