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It is a library that burns in the musical chronicle in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The irremovable KALONJI NGOYI, designer of the program “Karibu Variété” to Congolese national radio and television, has bowed out. This man with great ideas goes away with his spirit and all his unheard-of sense of propelling stars.

Sunday, December 11, 2016, Old KALO for the partners and colleagues, could not resist facing the rendezvous of destiny. He died in Kinshasa, after a long and painful illness, after rendering loyal services to the national chain, the RTNC.

According to the funeral program, the mortal remains of the illustrious disappeared will be exhibited this Friday, December 23, 2016, within the precincts of the RTNC and the burial will take place on Saturday December 24, at the Necropolis of N’sele.

The RTNC management committee and all the staff, its biological family and friends and acquaintances are preparing to pay tribute to KALONJI NGOYI, who sacrificed all his youth for the promotion of talents and artistic creations in the DRC .

Sexagenarian, KALONJI NGOYI vehemently accomplished his mission in the media world where he marked with an indelible imprint his rich and monumental passage.

Passionate about TV, he will always remain alive through the show “Karibu variety” of which he was the master designer. With the aim of bringing back the musical information of the week, “Karibu variety” is the first televised music program in the DRC.

KALONJI NGOYI was a follower of perfection. His adulated show values ​​both their content (informative / distractive) as well as figures (musicians, chroniclers, characters of the musical microcosm).

Every artist musician dreams to pass on the plateau of “Karibu Variety”, which has become practically a Sunday rendezvous impossible to circumvent.

Compliments and encouragement come from everywhere in his favor from both the hierarchy, his musical artist partners and the general public.

Recall that this program was called before “Chronique musicale”, in the years 68-69. She became “The Guest of Sunday” in 1972; “Karibu Variety” presented by Manda Tchebwa for 15 years. Like its creator, Karibu variety is a legendary program of the musical chronicle of the RTNC having experienced high-level presenters. It was successively hosted by LUKEZO LUANSI, FWASA TOMBISA, ILUNGA MWANA BUTE, Zacharie BABABASWE and Dieudonné YANGUMBA. Mamie ILELA is her current star presenter.

Mi-entertainment, semi-informational, “Karibu Variety” that will bear forever its signature, makes KALO an immortal in the history of the musical chronicle.

May the land of the ancestors be sweet and light!