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Grande, is the joy for many beneficiaries in Operation Thursday, 22 December 2016, organized at the administrative headquarters of the National Insurance Company (Sonas SA), under the aegis of Mrs Carole Agito Amela, , 100 victims were compensated. Operations were carried out concurrently throughout the national territory, in the automobile, life and fire insurance branches.

For the City-Province of Kinshasa, operations took place in five (5) branches / Sonas de la Capitale.

To this end, the General Management has compensated 88 cases. The agency of Commerce with 3 files. Gombe with 2 folders. The agency of Socimat released 1 alone. Finally, the agency of June 30 paid 6 victims.

Discovering Life Insurance

The purpose of life insurance is to guarantee the physical integrity of the individual and the consequences of accidents, sickness, premature death or prolonged old age.

To do this, Sonas distinguishes two (2) branches of life insurance.

Individual life insurance and Group life insurance.

Individual life insurance

As the name implies, it is peculiar and not collective.

It refers both to contracts guaranteeing capital in case of life, capital in case of death and contracts combining capital, life and death.

It also guarantees compensation in the event of death, accident or sickness.

Group life insurance

Persons concerned

Banks; Business; Credit agencies; Local authorities; NGOs

What Sonas provides:

Life benefits

Life insurance; Life annuity; Temporary life annuity

Benefits in case of death

Death benefit ; Widow’s pension; Orphan’s pension; Reimbursement of premiums; Annuity certain survival.

Optional services

Supplementary capital in case of death by accident; Exemption from payment of premium in case of disability.

What Sonas Does not Assure

Suicide deaths in the first two years; Death resulting from air navigation risks other than those incurred by passengers on a fixed and regular line; Death due to war risks; Death caused by a beneficiary or by the death penalty.

Information to be provided for subscription

Complete and sign the announcement to a group life insurance of each person to be insured; Sign the collective life insurance agreement (the business or organization); Establish the list of persons to be insured with age, sex, amount to be insured, selected guarantees, for the preparation of the annual premium.

The 10% premium is based on the stated capital and compensation can only be made after an agreement has been reached between the insurer and the insured. (In the case of life insurance, the minimum duration for compensation is 5 years for the policy taken out).

Example: declared capital 10,000 USD.

Bonus to be paid: 1000 USD. Compensation after 5 years.