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The Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives in Congo (FECCO), a platform of more than 17 peasant structures in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has invited all peasants in the country, regardless of their activity, For the emergence of agriculture, which has been a priority for several years.

FECCO, through its national president, Mpati Fils, spoke last weekend in the national office of the platform in Kinkole, east of the city-province of Kinshasa.

His statement has just been broadcast on Radio Tomisa, a community radio station in the diocese of Kikwit in the newspaper spoken on Monday, December 19, 2016 at 7 pm.

“Unity is strength. When we are united, the actions of development take place without shame. The division does not build. The DRC has hectares and hectares of arable land that are capable of cultivating very good agriculture and making it emerge to fight against food insecurity. Development must start from the head, from the mind, “he said, advocating serenity and independence of mind.

According to him, intestines fighting by some of the compatriots towards the actors of the development must be relegated to the last plan, or to be banned forever.

“Let us go further. That political meanders do not splashed us. The political situation will certainly improve. One must be optimistic. No panic or fear. Let us not forget that it is thanks to agriculture that several peasant families educate their children, provide family food etc. “, he added.

Created in 1999 in Kinshasa, FECCO has six major objectives: – the production, collection and resale of agropastoral products; – crop improvement and agrarian conditions; – Make the storage of products, the negotiation of a wholesale sale as well as any other useful activity to the achievement of its objectives; – To continue to satisfy the economic, social and cultural aspirations of its members; – the cooperating company may carry out any other operation which serves the achievement of its corporate object.