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According to the news site, the Chinese bank that should buy BIAC does not exist. In vain, the purpose of the site sought China Taihe Bank on the list of Chinese banking institutions. Read!

China Taihe Bank, whose Congolese subsidiary China Taihe Bank of Congo, according to the Governor of the Central Bank of Congo, Deogratias Mutombo, takes over BIAC, has not found any tangible evidence of the existence of the Chinese bank China Taihe Bank. Editor of

Remember that the shareholders of the International Bank for Africa in the Congo (BIAC) decided to dissolve it at the end of a general meeting on November 4th, with the aim of preserving the interests of savers, And creditors of the bank.

For shareholders, the ideal is mainly to reimburse their clients (400,000 savers), which are struggling in this period of economic crisis that runs through Congo-DRC.

This decision was made when the Central Bank of Congo (BCC) was placed under guardianship for a period of 180 days since last June, resulting in no recovery, as promised by the Governor of the BCC.

And yet, last week, Deogratias Mutombo promised a continuous takeover of the bank by Chinese operators, a promise he made last year, To materialize. “The China Taihe Bank, whose capital is valued at more than 24 billion US dollars, will take over BIAC through a Congolese subsidiary China Taihe Bank of Congo,” said the Governor of the BCC.

However, no bank weighing more than 24 billion and called “China Taihe Bank” exists in China.

According to our excavations, there is only one reference whose name comes close to it without being the case. It is the branch of the Agricultural Development Bank of China (ADBC) in Taihe Xian, an administrative district of Anhui Province in People’s China.

Joined by, the officials of this bank do not recognize any operation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. “I am not aware of a takeover of a bank by the ADBC ​​at this time and, especially, in Africa,” said an official of the Chinese bank.

“We do not have operations abroad, we only operate in China, so it is an astonishing information,” he continued in English.

Led by Shumin Zhu, the Agricultural Development Bank of China is a bank of Chinese policy under the Central People’s Bank of China (PBOC).

As such, it is responsible for funding projects related to China’s economic growth. As a result, it has no intervention or subsidiary outside China, as stipulated by Governor Deogratias Mutombo.

The ADBC ​​also provides various banking services in China, including loans for the purchase of cereals, edible oils and cotton; Loans for the transfer and exploitation of rural land, industrial enterprises, agricultural science and technology projects, construction of rural infrastructure and agricultural development, construction of rural circulation systems, renovation of housing …

Moreover, the ADBC ​​whose capital is more than 2.549 billion US dollars, has been undergoing a crisis since 2015.

According to Reuters, this bank, the third belonging to the Chinese state, had to resort to an injection of more than 24.2 billion dollars from the Ministry of Finance in April 2015.

In addition, China Tahie Bank does not exist on the list of Chinese banks.

Joined by phone, relatives of the shareholders of BIAC say not to be surprised by such a revelation. “We are faced with people who have never been honest and therefore, this is not a surprise,” says a relative of the shareholders who requested anonymity. “They are looking for BIAC for a ridiculous price, but it may cost more than they imagine,” he concludes.

For the sake of truthfulness of the information, the editorial staff of also attempted to join the BCC’s communication service which, at least, is unreachable and silent, to set national and international opinion On this fictitious Chinese bank.