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From age to age, from year to year, men will always be confronted with the reality of the hereafter, that of death. This time, it is the Chinese community living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, especially Madame Melina, a Chinese more than integrated in the country, who will have faced the departure of a close being. He is his brother Hu, who died on May 22, 2017 in Kinshasa. At his funeral organized according to the traditions of his country of origin, the middle empire, Yoko Yakembe Placide whose law firm was busy with his affairs did not miss the appointment. In testimony, the only one who overcame his sentence to say a word, Me Yoko was able to find the words to render vibrant tributes to the one who, for the Yoko Cabinet, was more than a client.

That is to say at 12 o’clock local time, that the setting up really began at the renovated morgue of the General Reference Hospital of Kinshasa. There, eminent members of the Chinese community in the DRC and many personalities of choice have responded. In accordance with the Chinese rite, the mourning was to be held in one day. And it is even at the morgue that the funerary flashes, of course, could be organized. From the time of the laying of the deceased to the catafalque, it is the session of deposit of the wreaths of flowers that began. Master Yoko, Mrs. Shi on behalf of the Sino-Congolese alliance, Mr Vang, Benjamin and others, have therefore succeeded each other in accomplishing this gesture of homage. Then the testimony will come. Yoko Yakembe Placide braved his pain to honor the illustrious disappeared. “His death made us suffer a lot because he was too young to die and too kind to leave forever. Besides being his brother, Fe Hu was the right arm of Madame Melina. I loved him very much because he was honest and sincere, “he testified. “He was courageous and called to succeed. But, unfortunately, he had to come across bad people, crooks. So he lost a lot of money. It would also be necessary for the Chinese community to understand the context in which Melina and her daughter Mutombo now live for whom Hu was a father. The community should support them. We are already assuring them of ours. I extend my condolences to Mr. Hu’s family in China. He died of a natural death following a well-cared male malaria. Farewell dear friend. Good-bye, dear customer, “he concluded.


Mr. Hu was born on January 12, 1958 in his native China. Father of family, he came to the Democratic Republic of Congo for business reasons for ages. It was after his recent trip to Bandundu that he began to suffer enormously. On May 22 Mutombo, his nephew, in the absence of his mother, left, as usual, at school in the morning, except that on his return Mutombo would find his uncle in the same position as in his departure. In panic, she will call her mother and then go and get a doctor from the health center next door. It is the latter who will give the verdict. Exceeded by the events, she will then recall her mother who will contact the firm Yoko. Staff members dispatched will see the police and then, at the request of the prosecutor’s office, will bring, finally, the lifeless body of Mr. Hu to the morgue. Rest in peace !