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Valentin Ngandu Kayembe, Director-General of the Fund for the Promotion of National Education (FPEN), is responsible for promoting the activities of the education sector by supporting the Government of the Republic in its mission to educate Congolese youth, Is making every effort to reunite all resources in order to restore the tarnished image of education in Congo-Kinshasa. It was in this context that he officially launched, Thursday, June 29, 2017, the works of reconstruction and rehabilitation of the closing wall of the Institute of the Gombe, Don Bosco II, which was carried away by the torrential rains Which fell on the City-province of Kinshasa during the last rainy season of the current year.

Valentin Ngandu has also pinned, among the next flagship actions of his establishment, the execution of the works of rehabilitation of damaged buildings in the deep Congo. This worthy son of Haut-Lomami remains in line with his leadership and his management, doubtless, on the exhortation of his collaborators to more commitments in order to materialize their common vision. He will remember his preaching last December: “I do not doubt for a moment that you will spare no effort to execute and implement the orientations defined within the framework of your services. Let us bring our knowledge, know-how and know-how to the promotion of the National Education Promotion Fund. The same energy and efforts must also be put in place to activate all the resources of the FPEN that are still on the back burner. This is the challenge that we must all face, for the FPEN is our common home, our common building that serves as a shelter and a means of providing means. “


The ceremony for the launching of works to rehabilitate the closing wall of the Institut de la Gombe took place within the walls of this school. It was in the presence of some important members of the FPEN and those of Don Bosco, led by Father Joa Tshibangu. The number one of the FPEN has boasted, from the outset, this school that trains well the elites of tomorrow. “We are here at the Athenaeum of La Gombe, you know, it is a school that the Government of the Republic has rehabilitated so little, on the instruction of the President of the Republic, Joseph Kabila Kabange. It is a mirror of the City-Province of Kinshasa. You will remember, on more than one occasion, that the Head of State came to the electoral center installed here. It is also indicative of its interest in the educational environment. Reason why we could not remain indifferent to the destruction of the wall of fence of this school which was carried away by the torrential rains of the last season. The Promotion Fund for National Education is involved in its mission of regenerating, rehabilitating or reconstructing primary, secondary, higher and even academic institutions “.

For his part, the Prefect of the studies of this institution, Father Joa Tshibangu, appreciated the gesture and said that this fence is safe and contributes to the environment necessary for the education of students. He has promoted that at the forthcoming proclamation of the results, he and all his staff will inform the students about these advances.

The Head of Works, Mr. Aurélien Khonde, for his part, stressed that this work has a duration of 3 months.