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During a political morning on Saturday 15 July in Lingwala commune, the Renewal Movement (MR) and the Union for the Nation (UN), respectively political party and political platform headed by the Honorable Clément Kanku Bukasa wa Tshibuabua, demanded the holding of elections by the end of December 2017 as clearly stated in the Agreement of the Holy Sylvester, concluded under the auspices of the Bishops of the Cenco. It was Mr. Lucien Ingole, the Secretary General of the MR, who declared it in the presence of various executives and members of that party.

Striking his fist on the table, the RM’s SG swears only by democratic alternation before the end of December 2017. Otherwise, he said, all the institutions of the Republic will be illegitimate and the RM will be entitled to apply Article 64 Of the Constitution to defeat all Machiavellian strategies of remaining indefinitely in power.

“The RM does not refuse to walk together with other forces of change so that alternation is effective in R & D. Congo and we will accompany all those who will join us to achieve this goal, “he said. He added that the UN and the RM asked the international community to increase the pressure to implement the 31 December Agreement.

Call of the Cenco

According to the SG of the party dear to the Honorable Kanku Bukasa Clement, the Union for the Nation and the RM adhere to the slogan of the Cenco entitled “Congolese Standing” for alternating R & D. Congo.

According to him, the people must massively adhere to this call for change.


Me Lucien called on the population to be vigilant and to accompany the electoral process by enrolling massively in order to have legitimate institutions that will manage the Republic.

Crisis in Kasai

The RM advocates the establishment of an independent international commission of inquiry to ensure justice, in particular, against the perpetrators of these massacres as well as for the victims.

In addition, the RM condemned the instrumentalisation of justice as a tool of repression against opponents. In a State of Law, said Lucien, justice must do its work in complete independence.

Future of the Party

For the RM SG, the party carries out its activities in good and due form. That is why he announced the holding of a UN conclave in the coming days to take new options for the smooth operation of the platform.

Thus, he invited all the founders of the UN, political parties, associations and personalities to take part in this conclave whose date will be communicated incessantly.

In addition, the Union for the Nation and the Renewal Movement reiterated their support for the National Coordinator and Moral Authority, Clement Kanku Bukasa wa Tshibuabua.

It should be noted that the same call for enlistment and effective participation in the conclave was also initiated by Mr. Balcky Banikina Yanga, Deputy Coordinator for Political, Administrative and Spokesperson of the Union for the Nation.