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Thérèse NGOYI, better known by the name of Faya Tess, a freshwater siren, is not a singer to be presented in the Congolese musical arena. This legendary heiress of the rumba made the rain and the good weather alongside the Lord TABU LEY. With an unparalleled clear voice, she is one of the few women who fervently defend and value the original rumba until today.

This explains the importance that Faya Tess attaches to her current project entitled “The Time of the Classics”, the aim of which is to pay tribute to the fathers and veterans of Congolese Rumba.

Based in Paris, the singer pursues with determination this project thanks to the moral support and the supervision of the house “Air World Culture” of Mr. André TETU.

For this series, the Mermaid of fresh water has just launched the 6th volume of “Temps des Classiques”, on the international record market. A compilation of high quality in which she exhumes the best musical compositions signed by the great spirits of the rumba. Through her sublime voice, the singer venerates and dedicates a beautiful part to the legendary groups such as Maquisards, OK Jazz, Afrisa and Bantou of the Capital.

Very enchanting, the work is composed of 16 percussive tracks divided into double audio CD, box. For example, in CD 1, we can find hits like “Boma ngai to bomona” by Madilu System, “Kinshasa” by Tabu Ley, “Monzo” by Josky Kiambukuta, “Zando ya tipo tipo” by Michel Boyibanda and others. While CD 2 is fed on anthological songs such as “Mbawu na ko retrieve yo” and “Inoussa” from the poet Lutumba Simaro, “Zadio” from the immortal guitarist Dr. Nico Kassanda, “Marceline” from Grand Master Franco, ” Ibrahim “by Dino Vangu, etc.

Bravo the artist!

Artistically, this series is the expression of a fantastic work that was realized with the assistance of the giants Congolese artists. The singer has picked up specifically, with a feminine seductive touch that deserves a particular attention from music lovers, hit hits.

Like the soft voice of Faya Tess, the work experienced the muscular intervention of the ancestor Nyboma Kanta as well as Wuta Mayi, two icons of the rumba whose vocal powers illuminated the work.

On the other hand, the irrefutable technicality of the indefatigable Caen Madoka, which brought rhythmic tone with its magic touch to the solo guitar, bass and accompaniment, was noted. All of them have worked tirelessly to achieve this multidimensional project.

However, the former diva of Afrisa expressed its gratitude to the two great patrons of African culture. It is particularly the Master Alexis Vincent Gomez and the Mayor Hugues Ngouélondelé, for their support to this project, to perpetuate the rumba which has become an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.

Overall, the 6 volumes are a selection of unheard-of songs that sometimes characterize the relevance of a generation of music “Fiesta & Odemba”, two great schools of Congolese rumba.