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The puzzle of paramilitarism in Colombia

Paramilitarism is a state policy that has since its inception a mission that has not changed.

By Maria Aurelian Buendia

Guerrilla of the FARC-EP

The first condition to enter some light on this puzzle, is fair play. That means act honestly, with loyalty, respect towards the opponent or against the enemy or against the victims, why not. Expect these qualities appear in the State or government, it Sounds impossible!

For lack of these qualities and many personal and social others, such as democracy, justice, equality, is that the state in Colombia resorted to literally assemble the jigsaw puzzle, broken-arms, broken-leg-breaking wills , scabs, break-protests, break-opposition … and now the government (this and all previous) check the story that does not know or no as to disassemble the puzzle and break-of-all who armed with both ” success”. Worse, they have little courage to say that the paramilitary phenomenon no longer exists and never was a state policy. I have a very brief account here that proves otherwise:

In February 1962 Colombia visited the General Yarborough, director of research at the Special Warfare School at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, USA In elSuplemento Secret elaborated later, reads: “a team should be established now in that country, to select civilian and military personnel for clandestine training in operations of repression, they should be required in after This should be done in order to develop. a military civic structure fished in the event that the internal security system of Colombia deteriorate further. This structure will be used to press the changes we know, they are going to need to put into action functions counter-agents and against -propaganda and, insofar as necessary, to promote sabotage and / or terrorist activities against known paramilitary supporters of communism. the United States should support this. ”

On April 9, 1969, elReglamento was adopted Combat Counterinsurgency, prepared by the Army Command, which reads: “Organize in military form to the civilian population to be protected against the action of the guerrillas and support implementation combat operations … According to the objective sought, the civilian population can be organized in two ways: a) As defense Committee b) As civil defense … “the Board self-defense is a military-type organization that is made with staff civil selected from the combat zone, which is trained and equipped to undertake operations against guerrilla groups threatening the area or to operate in coordination with troops combat actions … the board of self-defense can be organized in areas where there have been presented problems of violence, to prevent the formation of armed groups, or where they have destroyed insurgent movements to give capacity to the same civilian population to reject them if resubmission … the organization of self-defense committees should be done with individuals chosen and in areas where there is the absolute certainty that no major problems with training and weapons delivery … a network of self-defense committees, controlled by the military command is presented, represents a powerful tool for the defense of nation against external or internal attacks. Your organization must, therefore, be under the military unit at all times … ”

In 1979 the Army published the book “General Instructions for Counter-Guerrilla Operations”. He says: “Organization of self-defense groups at village level and sidewalks so that residents of the area contribute actively in the fight.”

On July 20, 1980, five members of the Intelligence and Counterintelligence Battalion “Charry Solano” Army officer, denounced the constitution of the paramilitary terrorist group called “Triple A” by their bosses. The military claim that they are all “officials serving military intelligence for several years … to precisely the army which we serve for many years with determination and sacrifice, doing illegal things, making crimes by higher orders, ranging since the kidnapping, torture, terrorism, even murder to supposedly defend the state, and nowadays pursued by those superiors who ordered do such things. ”

“War of counterinsurgency, also called counter-revolutionary or anti-subversive, is one that holds the government supported by a large portion of the population: in 1987, in elReglamento Combat Counterinsurgency, War Counterinsurgency well defined a civil country, using actions of a political, economic, psychological, sociological, military type paramilitary against insurgent forces to prevent or eliminate the revolutionary process and ensure that no show again … ”

On 1 November 1989 he was captured Army Lieutenant Luis Antonio Meneses Báez, who presented confessions of the national structure of para militarism. Meneses Baez says that the commanders of the XIV Brigade and Battalion Bárbula linked him to the Autodefensas de Puerto Boyaca in 1981, being an Army officer and states that “The peasant self-defense groups … are a government policy to fight against subversion.” He says that later the Second Brigade, based in Barranquilla, entrusted the creation of other “self-defense” in southern Bolivar and the B-2 Brigade was a bridge between the “self-defense” and military hierarchies. He claims that in 1987, “military intelligence headed by Charry Solano Battalion, brought together the movements of peasant self-defense under its control and to do a meeting with regional leaders on the premises of Charry, where a National Board Self-Defense emerged was organized, composed of approximately 8 regional leaders whose role was to promote and coordinate system Autodefensas with the Army intelligence operations … “Baez says:” Until the beginning of 1989 contacts were made with the Staff of the Army and currently used intermediaries … ”

On January 4, 1994 the newspaper La Prensa, Bogota, published verbatim confessions made by Carlos David López Segura Maquillón and Saul Palace, members of the Network Intelligence 07 Navy. Networks, and in particular the 07 functioned as criminal structures to murder, massacre, disappear, attack and threaten members of popular organizations, opposition political parties and human rights defenders, journalists, etc.

On December 4, 1995 in the prison of Palmira, the paramilitary leader Alonso de Jesus Baquero Agudelo activity refers Israeli mercenaries in training paramilitaries in the Middle Magdalena in 1987-88. His promoter was General Farouk Yanine Diaz, who wanted a more offensive paramilitary force. The course, taught by four Israelis, lasted two months and was present at the closing ceremony, next to the drug lords, a delegate of the Ministry of Defence Colonel and was apparently the Secretary of the Ministry.

In another inquest the same paramilitary Baquero said, “at that time there was eagerness to get the guerrillas out of the entire Middle Magdalena and the military arranged for us to us to do what they could not do was kill people and commit massacres. it is that if the Prosecution recalls in years 86, 87, 88 and 89 showed a lot of people dead and another missing in Puerto Boyaca, in Puerto Nare, La Sierra, Puerto Berrio, Cimitarra, Puerto Parra, San Rafael de Chucurí and in Barrancabermeja, and family or give any reason why the paramilitaries were responsible for that but commanded and supported by the army. ”

Narra Baquero what they did in “Palo de Mango” Puerto Zambito, Scimitar: “Beyond talk of” picalesco “is tearing the person by joints, remove their hands, head, feet, he removed the intestines and cast the body aside, this is done in order to not appear floating down the river, and at that site, where ever people were killed because it is at that site the river hits the front and the water is diverted to Antioquia it is like a whirlpool, then the site is provided so that no trace because the current is strong. ”

On February 13, 1998 a paramilitary of Brown or ACCU, had that had been trained in the fincaLas Thongs, with 15 instructors among whom there was “a gringo”. The training had the “courage test” that went like this: “dismember a person off his head, take an arm, put people brought from outside, every 15 days had like 7 or 8 people and threw in the field . they took to train a person and carried there and they said to one who has to take the arm or crack it alive, to me they sent me one to take his arm and opened it, it was in 1994 “.

On 29 November 2000 the paramilitary organization “La Terraza” publishes a letter to President Pastrana, in her claim that the Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia -AUC- maintain ties with Army Commander General Jorge Enrique Mora Rangel, and the General Harold Bedoya Pizarro. (This count continued …)

There are all pieces of the puzzle: para militarism is a state policy that has since its inception a mission that has not changed: the elimination of all thought or ideological position, establish terror to anyone protesting that capital gains are guaranteed.