Congo RDC We shall overcome comrade Mariana. Reply To: We shall overcome comrade Mariana.



Good thing in this correspondence we could give free rein to our desire for peace with social justice and Continue feeding dreams finally see finished this fratricidal war among the children of our beloved Colombia. The reality for our fighters in prison is frustrating, as you talk peace, torture, hatred and political revenge systematically by those increases from the institutions believe they have patent to continue to act with impunity as they have for decades agents and INPEC officials.

Sorry Mr. President, that our complaints are not taken into account to order to suspend the systematic campaign of torture, hatred and revenge that are applying ourselves by order of the military doctrine that violate us from regional and local addresses with senior military commanders army and police. They seem not to have been heard by you. We insist on the violent confrontation carried out by officials of INPEC, as does the GRI, the CORES, and a dashboard with paramilitary soul. They humiliate us with counter-insurgency viciousness and offer money to third parties Garrotera, stab or simply to make them life impossible for our prisoners.

We quote what happened on December 25 in jail in Arauca, where the way to celebrate you christmas our prisoners, was humiliating to our children and family, votándoles food and trampling the time of admission, later to departure, undertake violently against prisoners patio N. 2, leaving hitherto known balance between 25 and 30 companions tortured and wounded by GRI staff, plus 10 comrades moved and uprooted from their familias.También wounded in Arauca prison the sergeant Morelo INPEC and dragoon Camargo who profess visceral hatred of political prisoners and the insurgency.

Once again we request order the suspension and investigation of torturers agents and dashboards GRI INPEC committed human rights violations Mr. President.

Even in the worst conditions of captivity, our struggle for respect for human rights of the prison population grows stronger. Despite the agreement and progress in the peace talks, within the same institutions they are the forces of a sector of paramilitarism which has also embedded in the INPEC, through senior military and police officers. They act as assistant directors and directors of the centers, especially in maximum restrictions to apply ourselves its counter-insurgency military doctrine, as developed by the own General Brigadier Jorge Luis Ramirez Aragon, current General Director of INPEC. Yesterday, as he in his speech, delivered the message of Christmas, their numbers selectively, they brought from their cells, one by one the guerrillas where they had already been gassed, to be tortured with electric shocks through beaten paths with which they were awoken who as a result of discharges, fell asphyxiated by private or pepper spray in completely defenseless.

Weary of such ignominy and not having a serious response by the Minister of Justice, we are ready to face them to keep watching trampled the dignity of our guerrilla and guerrilla prisoners.

I know what it means for our security to make public this letter, we know historically what they have done and are able to do the executioners raging guerrilla prisoners.

For the dignity of prisoners and prison guerrillas National Movement,