Congo RDC We shall overcome comrade Mariana. Reply To: We shall overcome comrade Mariana.


Captured Santiago Uribe, brother of Senator and former President Alvaro Uribe for aggravated murder and conspiracy to commit an offence.
It will be that justice finally stopped limping?
Movement of 19 April M-19
Come on, we’ll be!!
Bilateral cease fire now! National Constituent Assembly.
While the former Vice President Francisco Santos is going spear in hand against the attorney-General of the nation by the arrest warrant against the brother of Senator Uribe and, apparently threatens that ” we’re not going to kneel and let’s take the battle , the country is crying out for what the justice starts walking without crutches or standbys.
This is not a political persecution, it’s a chase to the crime; it will be that the underworld will shake, what do you think?
People, act!