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In 2006, Joseph Kabila, President of the Republic and Head of State signed a decree approving certain private higher institutions and universities. It is unfortunately in spite of this act by the Head of State as part of its prerogatives, some bars including the Matete ignore, closing the door to nationals of some private higher institutions and universities. This is what is called challenge the head of state.

The observation made regarding the operation of the bars of Kinshasa could not be more bitter. To recruit lawyers in either bar, the procedure is to be first a competition after submitting applications. The successful candidates in the contest are the ones who will be allowed to take the oath to be attached to the bar in question. But, the fact finding is that for some years now, the bars of Kinshasa not want candidates from some private higher institutions and universities whose Cardinal Malula University, University of Cepromad …

Candidates who complain feel that their files are discarded at grading. They wonder how the leaders of the bars may not be accurate at the time of the statement calling the contest. They leave many people submit their applications, this deposit is done on payment of a sum of money. It is, say the applicants, a well organized scam.

Also, the opinion asks about the reason that pushes the bars to reject the nationals of these aforementioned institutions. Do they think they have not sufficiently exploited the subjects of the curriculum? Would they found incompetent nationals of these institutions already operating in bars? There can be no question as they say “comparison is not reason”. Although one can recognize that these institutions which issue here the materials are not sufficiently exploited, there is no way to conclude that any incumbent of these institutions is poor and any other that would come out of non institutions concerned here is valid.

Focus on merit

Regarding the selection of lawyers candidates, as is done with regard to the recruitment of judges, it would be desirable to favor merit. And the merit is not in relation to appearances, but first with the support and then in practice the art for candidates who have taken the oath.

This chapter has already experienced candidates from famous institutions but which proved mediocre in the field, and conversely, those who left second class schools are illustrated. Given all the above, it is hoped that policy makers at the bars out of prejudice and accept all applicants who met the requirements, except of course that relating to the institution from. Finally, why should they say no there or the head of state said yes?

We trust that the leaders of the bars will rectify and will not have to close their doors to citizens of private institutions susévoquées.