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Accreditation of Local Implementation Agencies for the management of the execution of infrastructure sub projects based on the implementation of the Eastern Stabilization Project for Peace, STEP

Notice number: AMI 04 / FSRDC / STEP / FA / 12/2016

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Source of financing: World Bank (donation H917-ZR), STEP project

Date of publication: 26 December 2016

Closing Date: January 26, 2017

————————————————– ————————————————– ———————– I. Context

The Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has obtained from the World Bank an IDA (International Development Association) grant of US $ 79.1 million plus an additional US $ 50 million for implementation Of the Eastern DRC Stabilization Project for Peace, STEP, which is entrusted to the DRC Social Fund. The closing date of the said Project shall be 30 June 2020.

The objective of the Project is to improve access to socio-economic infrastructure and livelihoods of vulnerable communities in the provinces of South Kivu, North Kivu, Ituri, Tshopo, Bas- Uélé, Haut-Uélé and Tanganyika.

The Social Fund intends to use a portion of the funds from this project to make authorized payments for expenditures related to the implementation of community infrastructure sub-projects.

Therefore, as part of the implementation of Component 1 activities, apart from those related to the prevention and management of conflicts, does the Social Fund of the DRC intend to use NGOs (National or International) , Development Agencies of a bilateral or multilateral project or program, or UN System Agencies working directly with the communities and their representatives, who will be entrusted with the specific tasks detailed below.

A specific process for the accreditation of Local Implementing Agencies (FPAs) will be put in place at the end of which the selected candidates will be considered as Local Implementing Agencies and will be able to sign, once all the conditions have been met, community grant agreements With the FSRDC for the management of community infrastructure sub-projects.

2. Missions of Local Implementing Agencies

Under the Community Grant Agreements for social and economic infrastructure sub-projects that will be signed subject to certain conditions, Local Implementing Agencies (FPAs) will have the mission to assist communities (or local development committees) Evaluate and prioritize their needs (or the needs of the community), develop sub-project proposals, manage their implementation and organize the maintenance of the infrastructure. They will also provide local authorities with information on the component’s approaches and activities, organize and strengthen the capacity of community members, including prioritizing and selecting community infrastructure needs.

The FTAs ​​will be responsible for awarding all the necessary contracts to carry out the Community sub-projects, including the construction or rehabilitation works and the supply of equipment and to monitor the implementation of the sub-projects.

To accomplish this, a budget will be set aside in the cost of each sub-project for the management costs of FTAs ​​estimated at 12% of the cost of the sub-project, capped at US $ 100,000 per sub-project including management costs, Studies and control.

3. Profile of candidates for Local Implementing Agencies

To be eligible as a Local Enforcement Agency, candidates must have the following profile:

Be a national or international non-governmental organization recognized by the Congolese Government, an Agency for the development of a bilateral or multilateral project or program, or a UN System Agency;
Have legal personality;
Have notarized legal status;
Have at least 3 years experience in supporting development activities in DR Congo, particularly in the areas of community mobilization and support, project implementation and monitoring;
Demonstrate technical competence and prior experience in the relevant technical field;
Have a permanent structure and permanent staff of at least 5 employees, premises and equipment necessary to carry out the tasks envisaged;
Demonstrate the ability to manage procurement and maintain accounting with transparent procedures;
Have been audited by an independent auditor for at least one of the last three financial years preceding the FSRDC application.

FTAs with agreements terminated by the FSRDC or by any other management body for projects financed by the World Bank and / or other donors over the past three years, including those reappearing under Another name.

4. Approval procedure

The application files are submitted to the FSRDC Accreditation Committee, chaired by the General Coordinator, after prior analysis by the FSRDC provincial branch in Tanganyika and verification of the credibility of the candidate, Accreditation as a Local Enforcement Agency.

Depending on the operational capacity, in accordance with the guidelines of the Project Implementation Manual, accreditation is granted in category A, B or C. The criteria for classification in a category are predefined.

Written notification will be given to each accredited candidate.

5. Content of the application file

Applications must include:

A presentation by the NGO or the Agency (location, creation, fields of competence, activities, administrative and financial organization, etc.);
Full references to past missions and accomplishments;
C.V. updated summaries of key personnel;
Annexes: notarial statutes, decree granting legal personality, certificates of completion of work, audit report.

6. Information and response to the MAI

Interested candidates can obtain additional information and submit applications to the Social Fund of the Democratic Republic of the Congo by 26 January 2017 at 2 pm Kinshasa time (TU + 1), by enclosed letter or electronically at the addresses below Below:

General Coordination of the Social Fund of the DRC:

11, Colonel Lukusa Avenue; Building ex. CIS, in Kinshasa / Gombe

Provincial Antenna of the Social Fund of the DRC Tanganyika:

441 Kalemie Avenue, Dav, City of Kalemie, Province of Tanganyika

Email fondsocialrdc @, fondsocialrdc @, tanganyika @