National Bidding Notice

Democratic Republic of Congo

Central Coordination Office (BCECO)

DAO No. 548 / INTERV-GOV / MIN-ITP / BCECO / DG / DPM / LYY / 2016 / SC

Services of guarding and security of the seven (7) buildings and its right-of-way located at the place “le Royal” in Kinshasa / Gombe

This Notice of Invitation to Tender follows the Procurement Plan approved by the DGCMP dated 17 November 2016, by letter No. 1271 / DGCMP / DG / DRE / D4 / BNJ / 2016.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works has requested and obtained from the Government funds to finance the project for the rehabilitation and modernization of the seven buildings in Kinshasa-Gombe and intends to use part of these funds for To make payments under the contract for guard services and the security of personnel, offices and premises, as well as all equipment, materials and files of the seven (7) buildings located at the “royal” square in Kinshasa / Gombe.

The Central Coordination Office (BCECO), on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works, solicits closed bids from candidates who meet the required qualifications for guarding and security services for staff, offices, Premises, as well as all the equipment, materials and files of the seven (7) buildings located in the “royal” square in Kinshasa / Gombe.
The variants can not be taken into consideration.
The procurement will be conducted by National Competitive Bidding, as defined in the Public Procurement Act, to all eligible candidates.
Interested candidates can obtain information from the Central Coordination Office (BCECO), and take note of the tender documents addressed to the BCECO listed below, from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm (local time , TU + 1).
The qualification requirements are:

Financial and administrative requirements

Provide written proof of the certified financial statements for the last three years (2015, 2014 and 2013) with the certification letter duly signed by the Auditor;
Have achieved an average annual turnover in the last three years (2015, 2014 and 2013) of an amount greater than or equal to 500,000,000 CDF;
Attach a copy of the liability insurance;
National Identification Number;
Be in good standing with contributions to the INSS until November 2016 (provide evidence of payment and / or attestation of regularity of the INSS);
Registration number in the New Trade Register or RCCM;
Provide the current Tax Statement jointly signed by the DGI and the DGDA;
Attach proof of its legal existence (statutes, instrument of incorporation, a certificate per company will be provided in case of grouping);
Attach the approval or authorization of the relevant Ministry
Attach the proxy of the signatory;

In case of grouping, each member of the group must present the required documents.

Technical capacity and experience

At least three (3) satisfactory references made during the last five (5) years in the field of this contract (proof of service, proof of service or contract must be attached);
References must include, as a minimum, the following basic information: client, project name and brief description, project location, financial envelope, project duration, start and end dates of the guard services rendered, financial backers;
The qualified technical personnel and equipment for the realization of the proposed services must comply with the requirements of this contract;
Provide a list of equipment that meets the requirements of the Technical Specifications
Develop a methodological approach that clearly reflects the effectiveness of the organization that the bidder intends to put in place to complete the contract.


One (1) Project Manager (D6 + 5) with at least seven (7) years experience in the field of security and security (attach CV);
Seven (7) supervisors (D6 + 3) with at least five (5) years experience in the field of security and security (attach CVs);
One hundred and fifty (150) guards (at least D6 + Security guarding and security training) with at least three (3) years’ experience in guarding and security;

No margin of preference will be applied.

On Friday, 30 December 2016, at 10.00 am (local time), the Contracting Authority will organize a site visit of the project to which all the companies that have bought the tender dossier will be invited. Participation in this visit is compulsory.

However, the visit does not relieve the Respondent of its obligation to inform itself of all the constraints of access and intervention on the sites and to visit it more thoroughly. Costs related to this visit (travel, accommodation, stay, etc.) are to be borne by the tenderer.

The Contracting Authority shall organize a preparatory meeting with all tenderers after the group visit of the work site. This preparatory meeting will take place even on Friday 30 December 2016 at 14:00 ‘(local time, TU + 1) at the headquarters of the BCECO listed below.

A complete set of the tender dossier may be purchased from the address below by submitting a written request to the above address against a non-refundable payment of one hundred US dollars (USD 100) Equivalent in Congolese Francs (FC) at the rate of the day. Payment will be made by payment of cash to account number “0240001145502”, entitled BCECO PROJECT at STANDARD BANK / Kinshasa, SWIFT code: SBICCDKX. The Bidding Documents will be sent to bidders, upon presentation of proof of payment, by mail or e-mail. The costs of sending the files to the buyers are extra and charged to the latter.
Tenders must be submitted to the address below no later than Thursday, 12 January 2017 at 15:00 ‘(local time, TU + 1). Delayed offers will not be accepted. Electronic filings will not be accepted. Tenders must remain valid for 90 calendar days from the deadline for submission.

Tenders must include a bank guarantee in the amount of seven thousand five hundred US dollars (USD 7,500) and valid for a period of 30 days after the date of validity of the tenders, ie 12 May 2017.

The Contract and all correspondence and documentation relating to the Markets exchanged by the Contractor and the Contractor shall be drawn up in French.

The folds will be opened in the presence of the representatives of the tenderers who decide to attend the opening session which will take place on Thursday 12th January 2017 at 15h30 ‘(local time, TU + 1) at the address below:

Central Coordination Office (BCECO)

Avenue Colonel Mondjiba, No. 372,
Concession Utexafrica

Kinshasa-Ngaliema (DRC)

E-mail: bceco@bceco.cd, dpm@bceco.cd,

Bcecobceco@yahoo.fr, dpmbceco@yahoo.fr

Tel: (+243) 81 51 36 729 / (+243) 81 27 55 259

Please accept, Ladies and Gentlemen, the expression of our full consideration.


General manager