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    The ongoing wildcat strike in the Commercial Transport and Ports Corporation (SCPT), formerly known as the National Office of Transport (ONATRA), has the appearance of an insurrection, resulting in numerous acts of vandalism and The physical integrity of all those who oppose it. Tires, caskets and other projectiles fly in an electric environment. The branch, which took office just three months ago, is prevented from entering its offices. Numerous victims are counted among its agents and executives. The public enterprise, heavily indebted, is on the edge of the precipice. With irremediable consequences on the social level, if the strike persisted. Which seems, unfortunately, the case. Far from being unanimous within the company, the sit-in, which begins in June 2017 and takes place in front of the company’s administrative building, is becoming more and more radical in the Intruders, faces unknown in society, to the point that good souls questioned his true motivations. Is SCTP right in the wall? And who benefits? Attempt to reply here.

    Invested in March 2017, the current management of the SCTP asked the agents on strike, accusing at the time three months of arrears, to leave a hundred days to decant the situation. But a new sit-in was triggered, nowhere, before the expiry of the deadline, requiring the immediate dismissal of the general management for allegedly six months of wage arrears.

    A strike that hides the forest
    However, unlike all the previous strike movements that rocked the SCTP, the latter has disregarded the procedure in this matter. No specification, bearing clear claims, was filed beforehand, by no union, to justify the strike. What surprised everyone. For, at the same time, the general management and the various unions were around a table to find solutions. Thus, on the ground, the movement is led by leaders who are neither agents, trade union delegates nor trade unionists. Moreover, it is not for a trade union to dismiss the authorities from their posts. However, this movement has barricaded the office of the Director General and prevents his team from entering the administrative building which houses the headquarters of the SCTP. This is counterproductive since, without dialogue and work, the company is deadlocked. What do the demonstrators want then? The resignation of the current Directorate General for non-payment of wages, a situation which the latter has inherited and is trying to resolve in a particularly difficult context.

    It should be remembered that the former management was thanked for “megestion”, characterized both by the spoliation of the heritage of the former Onatra, and by a colossal and irregular indebtedness. The revoked committee left a slate of 7.5 million US dollars, on which must be added the debt of the suppliers and the advances pocketed with the customers. In total, SCTP’s liabilities amounted to nearly US $ 115 million. It is precisely for this mismanagement that the Board of Directors of SCTP, vigorously defending the interests of the box, suspended and then obtained the revocation of the former general management. This is public knowledge. The real agents of the SCTP can not therefore be mistaken as to who is really responsible for their misfortunes. Logically, they can not blame the current team.

    Terrible equation to break the deadlock

    It should be recalled that the SCPT derives most of its revenue from the exploitation of the port of Matadi, ie 98%. To date, given the harsh economic environment inherited from the revoked committee, SCTP’s monthly revenues are between 2.5 million. The payroll is 5 million for 22,000 enumerated agents. How to get out of it when you know that, on the one hand, the bills are pledged and the banks recover their quota, at the least payment. On the other hand, customers of the SCTP do not pay their invoice in full. They deduct the advances received by the SCTP. Hence the difficulty of paying wages and even of ensuring the running costs. By what magic, the caisses of a company heavily indebted have bailed out? Clearly, there was a lack of communication so that the agents could be persuaded by the spirit that the SCPT would have a lot of money and that the current leaders would not willingly pay them. In any place, the claims concerning the departure of the general management and even of the Board of Directors can not be justified. Obviously some black hands are acting behind the scenes. But what? Those who benefit from crime. Not the agents, whose wage arrears was mentioned; Nor is the current directorate, which is doing its utmost to solve the problems.

    On the other hand, those responsible for the heavy SCTP slate are interested. It should be noted that the numerous malpractices placed at their charge should represent as many challenges for the agents, alongside the current managers. This is the case of the spoliation of the SCPT heritage. It would be up to all agents to prevent the scandalous spoliation of the port of Kinshasa which a patron of media is beneficiary. This was the result of a contract signed irregularly by mutual agreement between the former general manager and the wife of the head of a television channel. Indeed, according to the law in force, any act engaging the company, must be submitted to the Board of Directors which here ignored everything about the transaction. To date, the latter has obtained, from the justice, the suspension of the works. This sparked media anger, orchestrated by the losers, on this advice which is obviously victim of his clairvoyance.

    All in all, dialogue should be privileged between all those who still love SCTP to face this wildcat strike. For, behind the scenes, a black, mercenary hand only swears on the disappearance of the SCPT.

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